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Paper Tape
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W540 - Bizarre performance in Solidworks

Hi all,


I have a Lenovo W540 with K1100M gpu and integrated Intel HD 4600


I've been running solidworks 2014 for over a year with no issues on the W540. At some point after upgrading to Solidworks 2016 however the performance in program droped drastically. I'm unsure if this was tied to a specific update from Lenovo or not I can't remember.


It seems to be an optimus driver issue as if I have a drop down menu open or just click and hold in the border area (like i were going to move the windows around on screen) then the performance goes back to silky smooth. I can check this because I have a 3DConnexion mouse. I made a quick video of it:


Running nVidia inspector shows that when I have a menu open or am holding the window when the gpu is running at 15-16% and does not have any performance issues. However as soon as it's just the model and I'm trying to actually work on the part (i.e. selecting stuff, sketching, zooming , rotating) the GPU is only running at 1-2% and ridiculously slow.


It's almost as if the Optimus drivers don't realize they still need to keep that descrete gpu running high so tapers back it's performance. 


Stuff I've tried:

  • Completely uninstalling and reinstalling all graphics drivers with the ones from Lenovo (official optimus drivers) as well as the official ones from Solidworks and the latest ones from NVidia. No change.
  • Repairing Solidworks 2016, uninstalling 2016, reinstalling 2016
  • Ensuring solidworks is set to "use high performance gpu in the nvidia console


This bug really affecting my ability to do my work as CAD is slowed down to 1fps so doing anything is really really slow...


I've seen some other posts on the forums that sort of hint at similar problems but haven't seen any resolutions. 


I'd appreciate any help or suggestions.




Paper Tape
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Re: W540 - Bizarre performance in Solidworks

Hi Mike


I think NVidia is having some issues with their latest drivers

at least im having fps issues aswell since i have the latest version of optimus driver

and as far as different people say its not fixed with NVidias latest driver


I think the best would probably be to use older Drivers for the NVidia GPU however as far as i know

Lenovo doesn't offer such (i.e. no old versions of optimus driver).


I don't know wether it works when installing an older driver directly from the NVidia homepage


Model: Lenovo W540

GPU: K2100

Integrated: Intel HD 4600

Paper Tape
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Re: W540 - Bizarre performance in Solidworks

Thanks Fasin for the feedback. And ya, the problem is I don't know where to get the older optimus drivers as Lenovo doesn't seem to offer them. I've tried to install older drivers from nvidea for the gpu itself but that didn't help. I'll see if I can find some other optimus drivers on their site and try that, although I'm not too hopeful as it seems to be a pretty specific vendor (i.e. lenovo) related gpu driver.


If anyone knows of an archive of older optimus drivers from Lenovo I'd love to know!




Fanfold Paper
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Re: W540 - Bizarre performance in Solidworks!5231&authkey=!APwHn-rP983IzSc&ithint=file%2cz...


Hi, i have a copy of version: 312.69


We use this for our W540 installation.

It is only the NVidia installation.


Hope this can help you.

Paper Tape
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Re: W540 - Bizarre performance in Solidworks

Hey thanks for the drivers. Tried them out and unfortunately no real change on the performance.

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