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W540 CPU Upgrade

I purchased a W540 and picked the lowest speed CPU but I discovered that this CPU doesn't support all virtualization extensions. From the W540 manual (section 1210 Microprocessor), it certainly looks like the processor can be replaced. Does anyone know if this is the case?


If so, is this something where the laptop has to be get sent back to the factory or can it be done "in the field" by a tech?

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Re: W540 CPU Upgrade

It certainly can be done in the field. It is not considered customer-replaceable, so doing it yourself may affect your warranty status. I have no direct experience related to the cost on that particular model, but in general, it is usually cheaper to find a buyer for your machine and buying a different one. You might be able to work out an exchange with a Lenovo dealer, but again, I have no experience doing that.


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Re: W540 CPU Upgrade


I would like to join to this discussion,

I am planning to upgrade to faster processor, but would you like to explain me how to check what processor is appropriate to swap ?

Thank you,

Paper Tape
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Re: W540 CPU Upgrade

Hi,You're in luck as the 4th gen. Haswell is THE LAST of this type to be able upgrade,and really my only experience though is that I bought mine with the i7-4900MQ already installed,and although this a locked CPU it is possible to overclock to 4.1GHz NO MORE too much heat,and that is with stock voltages,there is a utility but No Brands etc allowed so I can't saw which,but an i7-4900MQ at 4.1 GHz for short periods in a Pro Audio Mixing Situation,can handle more Plugins (Effects mostly) than my built specially for Music Production i7-2600K Desktop both with Windows 7 which surprised me,I see they are expensive on their own)CPU's) but others such as the i7-4910HQ sometimes more powerful than mine depending what one may be needing certain types of work,can be had for less,I have seen.
Good Luck

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