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Paper Tape
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W540 - Win10 upgrade problems

Thinkpad W540 will not upgrade to Win10 via Windows Update. Have also downloaded Media Creation Tool and Win10 iso file. All are 64-bit as is my processor and current Win8.1 Pro w/ Media Center. Have tried running MCT and iso as administrator with no success. I'm running out of time for a free upgrade! System has 8GB RAM and plenty of free space on hard drive. All 8.1 updates and patches are installed. All drivers are updated. Please help!



(retired ChE)



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Re: W540 - Win10 upgrade problems

OOPS -- saw you tried this already. 


Have you tried obtaining the upgrade directly from Microsoft via their Win10 Media Creation tool?


You will be able to download an entire .ISO file to burn a CD or create a bootable USB stick:


This works better, sometimes, than the Windows upgrade pestering message. 


Good luck!



How are you fixed for disk space?  The upgrade needs qute a bit of extra room ~ 5 - 10 GB, at least, to store previous machine state.






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Paper Tape
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Re: W540 - Win10 upgrade problems

I have plenty of disc space. Safe Mode wouldn't work either; it didn't recognize that my Win8.1 was activated.


Just finished a chat/remote session with Microsoft. The tech investigated and found that there is one or more hardware incompatibilities preventing the upgrade that must be resolved. My system is out of warranty at Lenovo as of last November. I can't seem to find any way to get support from Lenovo to find what the problems are and what it will take to fix them. The Lenovo web site even implies that Think products are serviced by corporate service centers rather than consumer.

Can anyone shed any light on the supposed hardware issues with a factory W540 built in November of 2014 and how to rectify this situation. I am located in the Birmingham, AL general area if that makes any difference.


Thanks for any help.


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Re: W540 - Win10 upgrade problems

How was your system configured? I had no such issues upgrading my W540 to Windows 10.

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Re: W540 - Win10 upgrade problems

Have you had a look at this guide?  There are a few things to uninstall that might be interfering with the upgrade.



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Re: W540 - Win10 upgrade problems

I have upgraded a W500 so I am sure your W540 can be upgraded also. Here is what I did. Download the Windows 10 iso file. Note, it may be Win 10 Home. Create the USB boot and then proceed to install. I installed on a new, virgin 250 GB SSD. At current prices I think it's the way to go. Now the trick. You will get a message, assuming you have a Win 7 Pro key you want to use for activation during the install, MS will tell you it can't activate a Win 10 HOME. But MS gives you a web site with a key you use from the MS Store for a FREE upgrade to Win 10 PRO. One more tidbit. After changing the virgin Win 10 Home to Win 10 Pro for free, I decided not to enter my Win 7 Pro key. 2 days later my Win 10 pro is Activated by "Digital Entitlement. Live and learn the mysteries of MS.

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