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W540 locks up/Freezes

W540 locks up.   Windows 8.1.   Locks up in spurts, sometimes 3-4 times a day.  Over a week, averages 3 times a week.   


Lenovo has chased this around.  They've replaced the hardware.   There are no errors being thrown.  They've suggested installing a new OS.  Maybe that will work, maybe it won't.  I haven't tried it yet, but wanted folks to know the symptoms and the next step in case that helps someone troubleshooting somehing.  


The computer simply locks up.  Usually it happens when I close the lid, but I've had it happen while I'm using it, though rare.   


At first I thought it may be that it was getting too hot with the lid closed.   I kept the lid open, and the number of times it froze was drastically reduced, but still happened.


It happens more often with the Lenovo toosl installed.  I uninstalled all of them, and it rarely locks up.  Went from daily multiple times to a couple of times per week.


When it locks up, the fan doesn't kick on.   Makes me think its something with the hardware, not Windows, as I would think the fan would be run by the motherboard being warm and kicking on.  I could be wrong, and only the OS handles the fan?


The fan does work at all speeds.  I've heard it whirling away quietly when the machine gest hot and its working.   I've noted it at all speeds.   It changes speeds when commanded to, so it seems to work if told to do the right things.


Hope this helps someone troubleshooting things. 




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