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W541 - Windows 10 - System randomly thinks it is a touchscreen.

I do a lot of web design / dev on this laptop and it has been flawless for the most part. However since the last anniversary update of Windows 10 it will randomly think it's a touchscreen. I use a script on the websites I develop called modernizr.js that will add a "flag" (class) to a site element (html) when it detects there is a touchscreen present. I don't use this touch detection much in design/dev except that it's been a good resource for discovering when my computer is doing this behavior.


On a fresh restart of my system, sites will not be flagged as a touch screen as it should be. But if I walk away and the system goes to sleep there's a random chance when I come back and wake it up it will have switched into touchscreen mode or it is at least being flagged as such. I'm willing to accept that this could be a issue with modernizr and not Windows or Lenovo however I'm not reading about any issues like that about it anywhere in git hub or other places. The other thing is, sometimes opening a program will put it into that mode as well for example Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator both seem to force the system into this touch screen mode but it's totally random. I should also note that this is across all browsers, Chrome, Firefox and Edge.


I've looked through my "device manager > human interface devices" and nothing in there is touchscreen related. I've poked around through settings and it's been months so I can't recall where but I think at one point I did find something to do with tablet controls or configs and have some vague memory of shutting something off there but as I said, it's been months since this started happening. I don't have any wacom tablet or whatever installed.


It's really more of an annoyance than anything because I have to restart my machine to make it go away. Nothing seems to shut if off again once it's turned on.


Thanks for any advice or tips.

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