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W541 hangs when resuming from undocked hibernation into docking station (Windows 7)

Sorry if this has alreay been asked/answered, but I did try searching and I've not had any results even close to this scenario.


To explain, understand this common office use case: go to meeting with notebook, notebook hibernates.  Go back to desk, insert notebook into docking station, turn on.  Wait 20 minutes for it to sort itsetlf out... 


Ok, this seems simple from a user's perspective but I'm sure OS vendors and driver/stack designers have headaches over this scenario...  To be nice, I should probably resume into the same environment I hibernated to, then dock. 


To be specific, the 'hang' is really a period of CPU intensive operation (like a kernel driver lockup) which blocks the OS interface (keyboard, mouse, display update) - it's not just a hanging application.  I suspect something to do with the wireless network adaptors because the taskbar shows the wireless icon as 'busy'.  The W541 has the Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6235 WiFi module/driver.  Or it could be MS's Virtual WiFi Miniport Adaptor...  Either way, when I get 1% of the CPU to use the kb,  I issue Fn+F8 to bring up the WiFi control panel.  This applet continuously refreshes/hiccups which again points to wireless problems.  I then disable wireless (I have Ethernet on my docking station) and this gets me my PC back ;-)


My Wireless drivers are all up-to-date (2 Feb 2017).


Anyone else see this?

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