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Serial Port
Posts: 41
Registered: ‎08-03-2008
Location: Saint-Martin - Guadeloupe (GMT -4)
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Hello, a lot of problem with my W700  2758-4SU three months old !


Sometimes, when i reboot the laptop, it doesn't reboot a make 1bip+3bip+1bip+3bip like memory problem - says the manual-


If i shut it down, all comes back to normal.


This is four times in fews weeks that this problem appeared.


I ran Pc Doctor : no problem detected


I ran memory test (from Linux distribution) 2 pass : no problem detected


I ran all the test from recovery & backup cd : no problem detected


Motherboard good for the trashcan ?


Thanks for your help

T61P 6460DVU - XP PRO - 3 Gb ram - 320 Gb Hd - 15,4" display
W700 27584SU - SEVEN PRO - 4 Gb ram - 2x320 Gb hd raid 0 - 17" display