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W700 WXGA+ verses WUXGA screen

Can someone please tell me the main differences between my choice of screens for the W700?  My choices are:  WXGA+ 200 NIT which has a resolution of 1440 X 900 or the other choice is the WUXGA 400 NIT with resolution of 1920 X 1200.


I do not understand what 200 vs 400 NIT means?  Please explain.


I do understand the difference I think between the two different resolutions with the 1920 X 1200 being the far superior but there is also a difference of $175.00 with the superior resolution.  I don't mind paying the difference if the picture is that much better but how is it going to be far better?  Please help!!!


Many thanks!



lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: W700 WXGA+ verses WUXGA screen

NIT is your screen brightness level, so 400 NIT is twice as bright at the max setting as the 200 NIT screen. 

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Re: W700 WXGA+ verses WUXGA screen

The WUXGA screen is higher density - i.e. there are more pixels per inch, so any image (whether text or graphical) of the same size on a WUXGA is less pixilated than an equivalent image on a WXGA+. All LCD's are pixilated/digitalized (dotty), as opposed to how things are seen in un-mediated looking (completely analogue), and the more pixels per inch the less pixilated any image looks, all other things being equal. A denser digital image means not only a clearer mage but less work for the eyes (which have to convert pixilated images to "continuous" analogue ones) - as long as the image is the same size on the screen.

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