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Paper Tape
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W700 Without Digitizer

Hello all.

Sorry if this has been covered elswhere, but I couldn't find info on it anywhere.


Does anyone know, if I order a W700 with just the pantone calibrator and fingerprint scanner, and NOT the wacom digitizer, will it still have an 'empty/non-functioning' digitizer section as part of the case, and a hole in the side for the pen? I already own a full size tablet which I'll be using with the machine, and I'd find it aesthetically annoying to still have the non functioning parts built into the case.


I'd appreciate any info, especially any links to pics of w700 models without digitiser sections in the case (if they exist)

Thanks alot.


Punch Card
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Re: W700 Without Digitizer

I do not know Lenovos manufacturing practices, I am expecting delivey of my first lenovo, a w700ds very soon!!


But according to the thinkpad w700/w700ds hardware maintenance manual (downloadable from the lenovo website), there is 3 specific part numbers for,...


  1. 44C9504 - Palm rest assembly with fingerprint reader
  2. 44C9505 - Palm rest assembly with fingerprint reader and color sensor
  3. 44C9506 - Palm rest assembly with fingerprint reader, colorsensor, and digitizer

So as a very good guess, I would expect Lenovo to configure your machine without a redundant digitizer. Especially since they are known for build quality.


I hope this helps,

argh Smiley Wink

Paper Tape
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Re: W700 Without Digitizer

Thanks, I think you're right it would seem very likely from what you say that the panel would be how I had hoped.


Now I just need to decide whether I can live without audio on the displayport (or any digital audio connections - without use of the minidock), as I do alot of work with video (and therefore digital audio)


lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: W700 Without Digitizer

you wouldn't get the redundant digitzer space, it will be just a regular palmrest.


if you really need digital audio get a usb or expresscard slot sound card. 


Jin Li

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