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Blue Screen Again
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W700 for parts/repair on eBay -- Techs: WDYT?

Saw this Lenovo W700 being offered on eBay for parts and repair, and wondering what it's value is...…

Here's the interesting part of the listing...

"You are bidding on a Lenovo Thinkpad type 2758 laptop computer. This computer has a part that is defective and i can not figure out what it is. Originally we thought the whole computer was bad but we hooked it up to an external monitor and got it to display on it. It would not display to the onboard LCD monitor so we sent off the video card to be repaired. We installed the card and now the computer does not display anything so I believe whoever I paid $70 to to fix it botched the job. Unfortunately my loss is your gain and i don't want to put any more money into it. Please understand this is being sold as is for parts and or repair and I do not know the condition of anything else considering I cannot get it to display. The motherboard does power on and the fans spin when the video card is removed. Cosmetically the computer is in great condition the top has some scratches but its a matte finish and does not show much. The inside is in excellent condition and the lcd screen itself shows no cosmetic flaws whatsoever. The Bottom has a windows COA code, but it has faded quite badly and is illegable."


The video card is most likely the Nvidia Quadro FX 2700M, although listing does not specifiy this part number.

- Anybody had any broad experience with problems and repairs in W700's, especially with video cards and display issues?

- Going only by the quote above, do you think this likely to be simply a video card issue?

- Anything else come to mind?

- For anyone bidding to acquire and refurbish, what do you think would be a reasonable estimate of the value of this bare-bones W700? [Note that it comes without RAM, Drives, etc.]


{at the very least, lots of structural W700 parts here, even if the VC and mobo are both out]


would appreciate any feedback you might have to offer, thanks

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Re: W700 for parts/repair on eBay -- Techs: WDYT?

My interpretation of the description is that the display or cable are likely to be bad, the video card is bad, the technician troubleshooting it didn't know what they were doing, and the motherboard may now be bad as a result of the faulty repair. In any case, the machine no longer has a power supply or battery or hard drive or memory, so you'd have to shell out the cost of at least the power brick or a dock just to try to power it up, and add a hard drive (with caddy and trim panels), memory (and memory door), system software, and video card, to try to run it just on an external display. Not to mention the time and materials to remount the heatsink on the video card, replace whatever screws are missing, and install the system. It doesn't have a quad-core CPU or Blu-ray optical drive, so those aren't particularly valuable.

I have a few degrees in electrical & computer engineering, and that computer looks like it's been treated roughly so, even for parts, I would buy it only as a last resort. Most of the usable parts of value have already been stripped off of it. If they didn't follow antistatic procedures when swapping video cards, all bets are off. If the diaplay does work, then the fluorescent backlights may be dim, if it has lots of hours on it and the user has run a screensaver instead of shutting down or turning off the display.

The problem is that, if you spend the time to swap the motherboard/LCD into another machine, and they don't work, then you've just wasted more (in terms of the cost of your time) than what you payed on eBay for those parts.

The description says "so we sent off the video card to be repaired." You don't send those video cards out to be repaired, you just replace them. Plus the troubleshooting process they went through doesn't sound right (if an external display works, but the internal display doesn't, then I'd suspect the internal display or cable, rather than the video card). So that makes me wonder about the validity of the description, the competence of whoever was trying to fix it, and how much they damaged during the process.

The part that's most likely to be valuable, and the eBay listing doesn't mention whether or not it's included, is the WiFi card. So I don't know if it's there, or what kind it is. The most valuable would be the Intel 5300 or 5350 (very rare) cards which, in this case, would be Lenovo-specific, and are quite expensive if purchased separately through Lenovo. If the WiFi card is there, but is instead the non-Intel WiFi card, then it's fairly worthless (anything less than the 5300 card would have little value). But this seller seems to know how to strip computers to squeeze every cent out of them, so I doubt that you'll find a valuable WiFi card in it.

So I think that your chances of refurbishing this for less than what a working W700 would sell for are very low, the machine has been stripped to the bone, and it's questionable whether the main remaining parts work.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: W700 for parts/repair on eBay -- Techs: WDYT?

Your response was as prompt, as thorough, as detailed, and as knowledgeable as I could have reasonably expected.


This was my first ever post on this forum (I signed up in order to ask this question), and I was delighted to receive such a well-considered and informative response to my very first post. [Well, OK, delighted at the quality of your response, and not so delighted at the probable condition of this W700, and the thought of the worst-case scenario in refurbishing it. :-) ]


Your points about the WiFi card, in particular, were welcome new information for me.


I will definitely let someone else assume the risks this auction poses, and I thank you for your insights into this risky  propostion.

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