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Token Ring
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W700 questions

I'm still using my trusty W700 with Windows 7 Professional RAID 1.

It's been on it's docking station since day 1.

I have two questions.

1) Being that it's always docked is there any reason to believe the CMOS battery needs to be replaced anytime soon?

2) If I choose to finally upgrade to Windows 10 Professional before January 2020 are there any outstanding issues

I should be aware of? Specifically will my RAID 1 setup continue to run?

Should I just stay on Windows 7? It's not given me any problems.



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Community SeniorMod
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Re: W700 questions

I don't think being docked adds or shortens the CMOS battery life.  The CMOS battery and the main battery are now about 9 years old, so they will be ending the end of their useful life if they haven't already been replaced.  Staying on win 7 is a personal choice and it depends on many factors.  I have an even older T60 running on windows 7 that I need a couple of times per year to run a piece of software that is licensed on that machine, will not rin on 10 and is no longer available.  In general, I have upgraded everything else I have to windows 10.  I would expect that a RAID 1 set would work fine, BUT W700 is not an officially supported system.  I always suggest getting a good backup before doing anything related to configuration and in this case, I think it is really important.


I do not respond to requests for private, one-on-one help. Your questions should be posted in the appropriate forum where they may help others as well.

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Token Ring
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Re: W700 questions

Thank you for your candor. 

All the best,


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Re: W700 questions

I'd second that point about the batteries.  Try to locate one or more authentic Lenovo battery packs to have as spares -- the more widely available thrid-party ones are often inferior in capacity and longevity.  CMOS batteries are more standard and should be easy to find.


In my experience with the W700 (which I still dearly love but rarely wake-up, as my P70 serves as main-driver), Windows 10 Pro seems to work fine, even though Lenovo is not making new drivers available.  I haven't updated from Anniversary Edition so cannot speak to latest builds.


If you really want to be safe, buy a couple of new 2.5" drives, make an image copy of your current system and experiment with upgrading those, leaving the original set intact.  Laptop hard drives cost next to nothing these days.  You can buy the drive caddies, if you prefer to simply swap-out a new set of drives without bothering to remove all the tiny screws, etc. 

Here is a link to one supplier (although there are like more online):


Best of luck.  


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