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Token Ring
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Warping case/frame?

For some bizarre reason that I can't quite fathom, my w510 this morning is warped.  The front-right side of the laptop is raised about 2mm off the level surface that it typically sits on.  I've checked all the rubber pads, they are all there and seated properly.


I've tried it on a couple of surfaces, including a granite counter top -- same thing, it's warped.


Is it at all possible that after playing a graphic-intense game last night for 3-4 hours, that the heat had somehow caused the frame to warp?


Anyone else notice and warping on their w510?

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Re: Warping case/frame?

whoa your W510 seems to be a problematic machine.... 


Jin Li

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Token Ring
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Re: Warping case/frame?

To be honest, I'm starting to wonder if I'm just a problematic person. Smiley Sad
Token Ring
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Re: Warping case/frame?

Yeah man your machine does seem abnormally problematic. Even the worst W510s haven't had the gamut of problems yours has.


I don't know about gaming, but I've done about five hours of heavy rendering and 3D/CAD work on my machine and nothing bad happened. The machine was warm and the fans were running full power, though I checked the CPU temp and it never wavered. I'd imagine I put the machine under quite a bit of stress and everything was okay.

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Re: Warping case/frame?

[ Edited ]

For graphics-intensive gaming in particular, it's probably wise to run the W510 on a cooler:

Also, cooler electronics live longer. Sorry to hear of your travails, Don820.

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