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Punch Card
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Warranty purchasing problem for my W500.

I recently purchased a Lenovo W500 off the outlet, on July 8th. It was a redistributed model, as I didn't want a refurbished model.

I originally had been looking at purchasing off the CPP, as I have the every single other Thinkpads I've bought that wasn't off someone or ebay, but ended up finding this W500 for $150 less than the T500 I intended to have built, with twice the video RAM (didn't care about FireGL vs. Radeon), more RAM (which I pulled for a 2nd 2gb stick), a 5350.

I called up the CPP phone number to ask about a warranty, as there wasn't an option to buy one in the checkout process, and was told by the customer service person on the phone that once I had the notebook in hand and could give them the serial number and product number, I could go there and buy a warranty.

So, when my laptop arrived, I called them up, and placed an order for the 3 year accidental depot warranty that I had on my T61p. A week later (today), I got a call saying that the warranty I purchased (41C9334) was not compatible with my notebook.

This isn't a matter of the wrong socket type, the wrong voltage, or wrong interface, how can it be incompatible?

So, I called them back, and figured I'd just have it knocked down to the 3 year on-site 9x5 next business day warranty (41C9168) I had with my T61, T60, 2 R60s, T43, T42P, T42, T41P, T41, T40, X31, X30, as I have an HP that I take out and about with me, and the W500 could be used at home.

I was told that wouldn't work either, that any warranty I purchased would not take place until after the outlet warranty (1 year depot) was up. So, if I tried to buy the kind of warranty I wanted on this, I couldn't use it until July 2010...and by that time, I'll have probably moved on to the Calpella platform and given this notebook to my dad (and my old T60 he's using now would move down to mom).

Now, this just pisses me off. If I had been told this, I wouldn't have wasted my time looking on the outlet for a week and a half before buying the W500. But, they didn't tell me this, they said I'd be fine going for the CPP warranty after I bought the notebook. Now I'm stuck with a notebook that I'd either have to return to purchase new (and they won't match the pricing for the configuration, which means I'd spend and additional $340 + tax if I wanted the same configuration or $240 + tax for a suitable configuration, BEFORE THE WARRANTY), or a notebook that isn't covered in the manner that I want and expect for my primary system.

Who can I talk to to convince Lenovo to take my hard-earned money?
Punch Card
Posts: 10
Registered: ‎07-30-2009
Location: Springfield, IL
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Re: Warranty purchasing problem for my W500.

Mark@Lenovo has contacted me on another board...thanks
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