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What's DOS?
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Webcam issues

OK, i need to use my webcam (built in to W500) with GotoWbinar


I need it do "film" me, to broadcast in this online meeting. I just need window of the feed. Is this possible and how?








PS: Joining this forum is a pain in the butt. It does not tell u the password rules, until u make a password. Then it rejects it.... lame


What's DOS?
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Re: Webcam issues

RAID Mirror
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Re: Webcam issues



If you go have a look at the Device Driver File Matrix for your computer (at this URL: Drivers and software - ThinkPad W500), you will find that Lenovo provides a driver for the camera.  After you install that driver, you can then access and control your camera from whatever application you wish to use it with.


The camera is a bit like a keyboard or a printer, in the sense that there is no unique "program" that is used to operate it.  Instead, other applications that you may have installed that can recognize and take advantage of a camera (for example, Skype, or an instant messaging program, or whatever conference software you have) will then be able to use the W500 built-in camera.


You control the built-in camera from within the application you are using, exactly the same concept as how you control a printer or a keyboard from within whatever application you are using. 

W520 (4270 CTO), which replaced a W500 (4062-27U), which replaced a T42P, which replaced an A21P...
What's DOS?
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Re: Webcam issues

I'm using T61 laptop and I can't seem to download the Easy Camera software.Everytime I try to download it,it pops out an error window saying the product is not manufactured by the Quanta Computer Inc. Is there any way I can download the Easy Camera software without any hassle?

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Webcam issues

Several weeks ago I purchased a ThinkPad W520.

It works fine.

Just one issue: Depending on the lighting in the room, the webcam picks up the glow from the green light, which is right next to it. This becomes visible as a green half-circle halo on the left side of the screen that shows me when I am using video conferencing software.

This seems to be a design problem. The green light is positioned too close to the integrated webcam.

So where do we go from here?
Use a black marker or black tape to cover the green light?
This is a rather silly solution for a brand new computer.
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