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What is the safe temperature range for CPU and GPU? When I play 3D games the W500, the CPU temperature goes as high as 72 centigrade. The graphic card is about 68 centigrade.


The CPU will automatically shut down when it is about 90 to 98 centigrade to prevent a system damage. Therefore CPU at 72 centigrade and GPU at 68 centigrade is in the safe temperature range.


If you feel that your laptop is warmer than usual, do clean the vents and fan via using a pump blower to remove the dust particles stuck in the vents.


Sample picture of pump blower.



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It's pretty old topic, but I have the same question now.
I have Ideapad 700 laptop (i5 6300HQ / GTX950m 4Gb DD3). So now I wondering what is optimal/ normal/ maximum temperatures for my laptop's CPU and GPU?

While web surfing/video playback/etc temperature don't go above 35-40*C
While gaming I got around ~65-75*C degrees CPU temp. and around ~50 - 62*C(max) for GPU. Are these values normal?
And what maximum temperatures can be?