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Paper Tape
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Where is BIOS.wph? Lenovo w520

Hi! I've recently done a BIOS update using the built-in lenovo update center. but alas - it seems to be a fail as I can't boot anymore. As far as I understand, I can recover BIOS using Crisis recover disk program, but I have no idea where to get the BIOS file (.wph) for my w520, any ideas?


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Re: Where is BIOS.wph? Lenovo w520

Hi there Dacadey,


The first post here: LENOVO BIOS RECOVERY may provide some insight to you with your particular issue. The post mentions the .wph file.


I'm not entirely sure it will completely answer your question but as I said, may provide some insight to help you solve your problem.




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Paper Tape
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Re: Where is BIOS.wph? Lenovo w520

Yes, I did have a look at it:


2. Download your Bios file from if u dont have it, Rename your BIOS file to bios.wph and copy it to your: USB Floppy/usb memory.


That's where I'm getting stuck. Where is the BIOS file for Lenovo w520? I did find the BIOS update utility and etc at , but not the BIOS file itself.

Paper Tape
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Re: Where is BIOS.wph? Lenovo w520

I have the very same question.  Any luck?

What's DOS?
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Re: Where is BIOS.wph? Lenovo w520

I have followed all these processes to recover the BIOS, without success. The computer (Lenovo Ideapad) just gives an error message that no operating system can be found, the only option being to enter into the BIOS. However, no options are displayed, only the instructional message to arrow key to an option, press ENTER to select, or press ESC to exit. Of course, with no options available, the only thing to do is press ESC, which exits, and then the message "No boot device found. Restart the computer".


Please don't suggest I download the BIOS update file - or use Wincrisis.exe to create a recovering drive - or how to download or rename the BIOS.WPF file. Done it all...


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Re: Where is BIOS.wph? Lenovo w520

If you get a no operating system found message, then chances are your BIOS is perfectly OK. Rather, you should look into a failed hard drive or data loss on the drive causing Windows to be missing.

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