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Paper Tape
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Where is the rest of my hard drive memory?


I have a W700ds and I just installed a second hard drive (500 GB) to my machine. So now I have a 500 GB drive (using this as the primary) and a 160 GB (secondary) drive. I also just installed Vista 64 on the machine. I made sure to set my drives to non RAID, so that I may use them as two separate drives. When I boot up, before Windows comes up, I can see that it finds both drives. Under "Physical Disks" it shows 465.7 GB and 149 GB. The issue is when Windows finally comes up. I check Windows Explorer and it states that I now have a 316 GB drive and a 137 GB drive. My questions are, why did the drive go from 465.7 GB to  316 GB? Also, is there a way to recover the "missing" storage space. If so, please let me know how. Thanks in advance, for your help.



Token Ring
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Re: Where is the rest of my hard drive memory?

Look for some hidden partitions. Lenovo creates them for recovery. If you have created recovery DVDs you "could" delete them. I would keep them around until I "really" needed the space.

Punch Card
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Re: Where is the rest of my hard drive memory?

This discrepancy results in part from the ambiguity over the meaning of the term Gigabyte. Disk manufacturers define Gigabyte to be 1 billion bytes (10^9). The operating system, unfortunately, uses 2^30. In my view the Drive manufacturers are correct and the operating system is wrong. At my company I've been trying for years and years to get our documentation folks to use Gi (for gibibyte) when they mean 2^30, with some degree of recent success. See the wikipedia article on the term. Look closely at the packaging on your new hard drive. Somewhere on there, or maybe in the marketing literature, it will specify what they mean by a gigabyte. For a fun thing to do, go to Google and type in "1000000000 bytes in gigabytes" (without the quotes). Then try the same thing with "in gibibytes" instead. Google calculator is *bad*. Then go to Wolfram Alpha and try the same things.

Token Ring
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Re: Where is the rest of my hard drive memory?

500GB to 465GB is accounted for by that descrepency but he only shows 316GB which is due to some hidden partitions Lenovo puts on the HD for recovery purposes plus the OS itself.

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Re: Where is the rest of my hard drive memory?

Have you look in the disk management utility? You should see everything in there, hidden partition and all. A quick way to get there is to right click my computer, select manage and when the computer management window opens you go to disk management. Once there you should all the info you need to figure out where the missing space is. M
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