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Re: Which one to choose - ThinkPad W520 or T530?

If I may add my 2 cents, I have a T520 than runs Win10 like a champ! I haven't noticed any problem or missing drivers. 


I also have a couple of T420, T420s and T430's all running Win10 without any single issue up to date. And if you browse a little thru the forums, you will probably find many other users doing the same.


I can't think why a W520/W530 should not work, they're the same generations as the ones above...




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Re: Which one to choose - ThinkPad W520 or T530?

Officially, Microsoft Windows 10 CPU support does not list 2nd generation Intel CPUs and before.


Still, W520 runs Windows 10 fine, at least as of this moment. Even gets most of the drivers from Windows Update. It may not be supported by Lenovo or Microsoft, but it's 5+ years old device too.


Of course, things may change in the next Windows 10 updates, but it is unlikely Microsoft will just stop supporting all these CPU in the next few years.

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Re: Which one to choose - ThinkPad W520 or T530?

Just to add one more background data point: 


My W700 (which is now about 9 years old and several generations pre-dating the W520) also runs Windows 10 beautifully -- since there are enough built-in drivers to support that machine without any issues, one can reasonably expect that the W520 should be OK for some time to come, whether or not its CPU on the "official" hardware support list. 

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Re: Which one to choose - ThinkPad W520 or T530?

I have two W520 systems running Windows 10 1607 w/o any issues. There is no official support for Sandy Bridge graphics and there can sometimes be some issues with certain programs. However, I am now always running in discrete mode with the NVIDIA graphics drivers for the Quadro M2000M and there are no problems. I continue to receive Windows 10 updates. The system performs better than with Windows 7 SP1 Pro for certain.

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