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Bit Torrent
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Re: Which video card is being used?

Beto wrote:

Oh no, heat is not a problem, I guess.

It just bothers me that the clock of the dGPU rises to 3D-mode, even though im doing light Office/Browsing-Work. I'd expect more from a Technology like Optimus, since it's meaning was to use power as it is needed. 


My CPU is at +-50°C. Two external 1080p Monitors (VGA and Displayport), BIOS 1.26 with default BIOS Fan Control (no TPFC)

What is the System Performance setting in your Power Manager Plan?

Punch Card
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Re: Which video card is being used?

[ Edited ]


I havn't changed anything there. I'm always running on AC Power.


I think it is by design that the graphics card needs to run in 3D mode when running multiple displays. My NVIDIA card in my Workstation does the same.


EDIT: I have to correct my Statement about Temperature: 

One external 1080p Displayport, Nvidia 2D-Mode: ca. 50°C

Two external 1080p VGA + DP, Nvidia 3D-Mode: ca. 57°C


both on BIOS 1.26, Power manager as shown above