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WiMax works once then requires reboot to connect again

w510 4318 CTO i7 820 16gb ram w/ 6250 card on CLEAR.

win 7 ultimate 64 w/ all current patches and IE8, also have DE (German) M$ language pack installed (could be relevant given UI type issues). Currently using firewall and up to date AV. Also ran an offline (boot from CD) virus scanner that found nothing.

Used to work correctly now it doesn't.


Following windows update of 4/19/2011 and additional updates from Lenovo, WiMax ceased working , multiple rounds of installation and removal of drivers and ThinkPad (ThinkVantage) software have not corrected the issue.


Issue: when WiMax connects, it will function once, if the service disconnects for any reason (Time, movement, etc.) the WiMax connection cannot be restored and the access connections and other ThinkVantage software associated with communications hangs, or becomes unstable and unresponsive to the point that termination in TASKMANAGER is sometimes impossible.


Note Also that AccessConnections or the software component that affects the status display in the explorer bar now hangs windows explorer such that the only way to switch between programs is to alt-TAB or ctrl-alt-del and use task manager.


Once access connections gets hung it will not connect to WiMax until the system is restarted.

The Ethernet port works regardless of the WiMax issue.  Note that it *may* also have the problem with WiFi  but I haven't tested that yet.



Prior to these updates, the WiMax service would disconnect at times but would generally reconnect OK unless there was a radio signal degradation or the service was overloaded. (at one point a few months ago (9pm) the dhcp server in Philadelphia was down and it was not possible to connect tot the service at all even with 100% signal strength.) The following day all was well.


my best guess as to the cause of the problem is that there is a conflict between the recent massive patch Tuesday from Microsoft and a similarly large batch of Lenovo updates that happened around the same time.  The system feels slightly snappier since the patches from Microsoft on 4/26/2011 but the WIMAx issue remains.


other comments: it would be terribly nice if Access Connections had a setting that would prevent it from attempting to connect to a wireless network at startup. [force stand-alone] I have run into situations where the system is basically useless to 10 minutes while it tries to connect to a wireless network that I don't need to connect to. (safe mode without networking doesn't count).



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Re: WiMax works once then requires reboot to connect again

Does flicking the physical wireless switch off and on let you connect again?

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