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Paper Tape
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WinPE-driver for NVMe-SSD

Is there a driver for NVMe-SSD the can be added/loaded in WinPE and Symantec System Recovery ?

Without such a driver the SSD is not recognized by System Recovery.

The available Windows-driver (exe-file) can not be used for this, because it has to be a inf-driver.

With such a driver the often discussed problems of inaccessible NVMe-SSDs (Windows-installation/recovery) could be solved.

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Re: WinPE-driver for NVMe-SSD

I think WinPE 5.0 (based on Win8.1 kernel) already has drivers to support NVMe SSD.


Here's what Macrium Reflect showed when I was building the "rescue media" (USB key) for my P70, which has NVMe SSD as boot drive.  I did have to opt for WinPE 5.0 in order to get support for UEFI BIOS and GPT formatting on drives, as WinPE 3.1 (based on Win7) and WinPE 4.0 (based on Win 8.0) were insufficient.




I would think if you used WinPE 5.0 you'd also have the same results.  I had no problem using this Macrium Reflect "rescue media" to do the cloning of my HDD spinner over to the newly installed NVMe SSD, standalone booted to this USB key.  Worked perfectly.

Paper Tape
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Re: WinPE-driver for NVMe-SSD

Many thanks for your fast answer. I think my version of Symantec System Recovery is based on an older WinPE. A test-installation of the version "System Recovery 2013 R2" (where the R2 is very important) works as you described it for Macrium Reflect.
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Re: WinPE-driver for NVMe-SSD


I messed around for an entire week, dealing with folks from Dell, Toshiba, and Macrium, and none of them had a clue.  Switching Windows PE versions saved the day.

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