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Windows 10 on W510: What works and what doesn't?

2017-04-20, 21:28 PM

Hi guys,

I might soon be purchasing a used W510 and am debating whether to freshly install Windows 7 on it or Windows 10 (I have licenses for both via MSDN). I know that Windows 7 is officially supported while Windows 10 is not.

Ideally I would like to install Windows 10 but if things like the Fn hotkeys, etc... won't work on it due to no drivers, I don't want to waste a license on it and would rather then just install Windows 7. Googling around and looking on this forum seems to give mixed results - some say it works great and some say nothing works without drivers.

Now that Windows 10 has been out for a while, can someone please share recent experiences with using Windows 10 on a W510? I would think things like Wifi and Bluetooth would work but the Fn hotkeys, volume buttons, and on screen display are important for me too.

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Re: Windows 10 on W510: What works and what doesn't?

2017-04-20, 23:56 PM
fwiw, you can use win8 and up drivers with no problems & probably use win7 drivers too. I've the T520 and volume displays that way and Fn keys for sleep & hibernate function ok... I would guess all things function but don't really use Fn often. Win10 store has Lenovo Settings, and Lenovo Companion & if anything doesn't work head for Lenovo support and a driver is what I just did a few days ago installing win10 enterprise on T520. (about a 50 dollar ebay laptop minus hdd, power adapt etc, they had 50, I bought 2, look brand new) insiders enterprise iso activated after I logged into my ms account... so free op system.

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Re: Windows 10 on W510: What works and what doesn't?

2017-04-21, 16:51 PM

We can't necessarily guarantee that Windows 10 will work flawlessly on the W510 as that particular laptop is quite old.  However, there are Windows 7/Windows 8 drivers out there on the Lenovo support site that should help you out with getting a clean device manager.  

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This helped me too


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Re: Windows 10 on W510: What works and what doesn't?

2017-04-22, 19:16 PM

Works well for me


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Re: Windows 10 on W510: What works and what doesn't?

2017-04-24, 9:19 AM

I have W510 and Win10 (16GB Memory though), all works great & fast - I recommend it. 


Only thing not working for me is Mute Mic Button (mute Sound works fine), but I think that it was not working on 8.1 also - not sure if its HW or driver issue.




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Re: Windows 10 on W510: What works and what doesn't?

2017-12-03, 16:41 PM

All machines I have T4x0 and T/W5x0 work perfectly on Windows 10.


The only problem I encountered was the driver for the FPR on the x00 series. But that was easily fixed. On the x10 series and newer, no problems whatsoever. Clean installed Windows 10 on all of them and ran Lenovo Companion / TVSU to fill in the missing drivers and they were up and running in no time.



Atli Jarl.

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Re: Windows 10 on W510: What works and what doesn't?

2018-04-20, 6:51 AM

Bluetooth doesn't work with Windows 10 on a W510:




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Re: Windows 10 on W510: What works and what doesn't?

2018-04-20, 10:59 AM

Works for me just fine .. I'm using it to drive JBL Go without issues. 


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Re: Windows 10 on W510: What works and what doesn't?

2018-04-20, 12:58 PM

I have been using my W510 since I bought it in March 2010 and having moving it up ever since.


First off, I seriously don't think you should be wasting your MSDN license on this unit. Why? Flip your computer and check the battery compartment. What OS does this computer come pre-packaged with? Some came pre-installed with W7 Home Premium, but the vast majority of em came packaged with W7 Professional.


If it is W7 Professional, try heading down to your Lenovo service centre to obtain a copy of the W7 Pro recovery media. It should still be available as we speak until the end-of-life of Windows 7, but that would be in 2020. So you still have a bit of time.


Otherwise, you can always order a copy of the recovery media by calling in and getting them to mail it you. The story was a bit different for me in Singapore because long before control was passed back to Lenovo, servicing of Lenovo products in Singapore were done by an authorised distributor - so you could 'borrow' their set of recovery disks for the particular model and DIY the installation at no additional cost - unfortunately this option was no longer available after Lenovo regained control of all servicing options.


I would highly recommend obtaining the installation media because it comes with the correct pre-configuration needed for the W510 to start up with Windows 7 - and it comes with all the Thinkvantage suite of tools that makes the W510 a W510 and not some off the shelf laptop.

To ensure that all (or at least most) of the features of the W510 in Windows 7 carry over to Windows 10, do the following:


this is like an a.k.a. guide for keeping the Thinkvantage identity of W510...


After restoring the factory image from the W7 recovery disc:

  1. Run Windows Update. Its shag but you need to do a few cycles of it... Do it until you get Windows 7 to the SP1 stage. DO NOT INSTALL THE WINDOWS UPDATE VERSIONS OF THE HARDWARE DRIVERS!!!. See step 2.

  2. Update only the following Thinkvantage Applications from the ones provided in https://download.lenovo.com/eol. You will understand why once you upgrade to Windows 10.
    1. Thinkvantage Access Connections
    2. Thinkvantage Fingerprint Software
    3. Thinkvantage Client Security Solution
    4. Thinkvantage System Update

  3. Download all the Windows 8.1 versions of the hardware drivers. If a WIndows 8.1 version is unavailable use the next best option, i.e. WIndows 8 or Windows 7.

  4. IMPORTANT: To preserve fingerprint reader functionality, go to system32 and backup a copy of biocpl.dll. You will need this later.

  5. Now grab the Windows 10 installer. Install it as per usual. Before considering using your MSDN key, try NOT entering a product key and see if it goes through. I don't know if MS will still allow the digital entitlement... but it's worth a try.

  6. Once your system has upgraded to Windows 10 1709, you will see a few things removed:
    1. Bluetooth driver
    2. Thinkvantage Access Connections

  7. If you had ignored my warnings in step 2 to NOT upgrade Lenovo Power Manager, you will lose the ability to re-deploy LPM into Windows 10 FOREVER! I have tried to by-pass it myself but I could never get to work it right... so keep LPM at the stock version of 3.10a. You would then have to settle for the lite version of LPM that is Lenovo Vantage - which I think is crappy. But anyway...

  8. To re-gain bluetooth functionality, run Windows Update. And refresh the device manager. The Windows version of the driver will allow you to regain full functionality of the bluetooth device.

  9. Copy the biocpl.dll you backed up into the system32 folder. You would realise by now that Windows 10 doesn't include this dll.

  10. Reinstall Thinkvantage Access Connections from the setup package (use 6.26.88). Reboot your computer.

  11. Now you should have the W510 AS a W510 running Windows 10!!

BTW: Why do I prefer LPM over Lenovo Vantage? Cos it allows me to reset the battery all the way to 0% without having to shutdown - the power manager will decide when the power adapter takes control to charge! Also, the battery gauge levels are more flexible and I can set any percentage I want. Battery information is also more detailed.


Remember to make a ghost image using Symantec Ghost of the complete installation so that you retain your license, etc etc etc. Now your computer will always have a steady image to restore from!


If you already installed W10 using your MSDN license by now... well you can ignore this post. Hopefully it serves as a neat little guide for any hopeful who wants to shift their W510 to Windows 10, the right way. Please kudo this post if you think it helped!!!


Some proof of the working Thinkvantage applications who never thought it would work ever again:

As you can see, all the Thinkvantage tools continue to work as per normal. This system is running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (1709).


Wallpaper credits to @mahoyomeproject (The Ancient Magus Bride)

W510: i7-720QM, 16GB, DDR3 PC10600 - 1033MHz Kingston Value RAM, 1GB Quadro FX880M, 2TB Seagate SSHD (Internal) + 2TB Seagate Firecuda SSHD (external via eSATA)

T410: i5-520M, 8GB, DDR3 PC8500 - 1066Mhz Kingston Value RAM, 512MB Geforce, 1TB Seagate SSHD (Internal) + 1TB Seagate SSHD (external via eSATA)

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Re: Windows 10 on W510: What works and what doesn't?

2018-04-22, 8:05 AM

W510 - Win 10 pro 64 - all special Lenovo doo-hickey's functioning properly here..........



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