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Windows 7 - Large Pages

While I was performing some benchmarks on my W520, I became aware that there is a function in Windows 7 called Large Pages. Essentially setting this policy for either a single user or a group greatly reduces the TLB overhead when translating memory addresses for applications in storage. The normal page size is 4KB. Large Pages sets the page size to be 2MB. The smaller number was useful when there was only a relatively small physical memory space available in the system (Windows 95, etc). However, as the addressable physical page space becomes larger, the overhead for translating addresses across page boundaries starts to be significant. Linux has an equivalent function.


Here's a screenshot of where the setting (Lock pages in memory) is located:


LargePages.PNG <----------------


The memory bandwidth benchmark using SiSoftware Sandra 2012 showed a performance increase of 2.04% for normal operations  and a 2.9% increase for floating point operations. This was with only one user enabled. Enabling all users in the system brought an additional .5% performance increase. PCMARK7 also showed a corresponding increase in benchmark performance numbers.


Thanks to Huberth for pointing me into the SiSoftware Sandra 2012 benchmarking software and the memory bandwidth warning.


This is an extract from a memory bandwidth benchmark run:


Integer Memory Bandwidth

Assignment : 16.91GB/s

Scaling : 17GB/s

Addition : 16.75GB/s

Triad : 16.72GB/s

Data Item Size : 16bytes

Buffering Used : Yes

Offset Displacement : Yes

Bandwidth Efficiency : 80.36%

Float Memory Bandwidth

Assignment : 16.91GB/s

Scaling : 17GB/s

Addition : 16.73GB/s

Triad : 16.74GB/s

Data Item Size : 16bytes

Buffering Used : Yes

Offset Displacement : Yes

Bandwidth Efficiency : 80.34%

Benchmark Status

Result ID : Intel Core (Sandy Bridge) Mobile DRAM Controller (Integrated Graphics); 2x 16GB Crucial CT102464BF1339M16 DDR3 SO-DIMM (1.33GHz 128-bit) PC3-10700 (9-9-9-24 4-33-10-5)

Computer : Lenovo 4270CTO ThinkPad W520

Platform Compliance : x64

Total Memory : 31.89GB

Memory Used by Test : 16GB

No. Threads : 4

Processor Affinity : U0-C0T0 U2-C1T0 U4-C2T0 U6-C3T0

System Timer : 2.24MHz

Page Size : 2MB

P53 XEON 2276 BIOS 1.15 OLED UHD 4K Multi-touch display, 32GB, RTX5000, 32GB, RAID 1, 1TB x 2 Samsung PM981, WWAN
P70 XEON 1505, BIOS 2.32, 4k Display, 64GB, M3000M NVIDIA GPU, RAID1 1TB Samsung PM981 PCIe-NVMe SSD x 2, 2x Samsung 850 Pro 1TB SSD. EM7455 WWAN
P1. BIOS 1.24,Xeon Processor, 32GB, PM981 1TB x 2, RAID1
T470s, 16GB RAM, BIOS 1.10, i7-7500, WQHD display, 512GB PM961 PCIe NVMe SSD

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