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Windows7: Repair Installation (not re-install from scratch)


I've got a Lenovo Thinkpad W701 pre-installed with Windows7 prof. (64-bit). This machine has been great to me until recently.

Now I need to repair that installation and wonder if I can use the original DVDs that shipped with the TP-W701 or what is the best way to do this?


- A System Restore did not help fix my Windows7 problems

- I DO NOT want to do a clean reinstall of Windows 7 and all progrmas etc.

- I want to preserve exisiting user accounts, data, programs, and system drivers.


As I've got 2 more Machines running Windows7 professional can I (or should I use) one of those Windows7 DVDs.

Advice is appreciated, thanks.

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Re: Windows7: Repair Installation (not re-install from scratch)

Given that your two conditions (on the face of it) are not possible in a repair install -- in my somewhat limited experience -- you might get better help if you tell us what the issues are. ( true "Repair Install" is not available form the Factory Restore disk, I believe.) Perhaps, with those details, someone can lead you through a better solution than a factory restore. If you use the DVDs that came with the unit you will have to re-establish your account(s) and added programs. In addition you have to download and install all the Windows7 system updates before re-installing the applications.


Sorry to hear you have reached such a serious malfunction.



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Serial Port
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Re: Windows7: Repair Installation (not re-install from scratch)

[ Edited ]

Thanks Jonathan,

I assumed that a true "Repair Install" is not available from the Factory Restore disk.

How about using a regular Windows7 professional DVD ?
I guess there will be some license issues, but that could be resolved as I've got the official licenses (one for the Thinkpad and another for the 'repair install').

The issues I am experiencing are related to the network:
'Net view' shows the machines on the network, but 'net use' throws 'system error 53'.
Running Diagnositcs on the current Local area Connection Status, reveals that the 'Diagnostic Service is not running' even if started as 'administrator'. In services it is set correctly to automatic, but still it does not start to run the diagnostics. A restart of this service fails. Settings are correct.
I can't find any error message in any of the Windows logfiles.
I can easily use 'net use' from the other machines and map drives on the Thinkpad.

So I figured I've got a networking issue and would like to reinstall ALL the networking stuff.
The rest of the machine is fine and I really do NOT want a factory restore. This would mean at least 2 days of work or even more.

Would it be meaningful to reinstall the WMI as described in this thread (?):
How to REPAIR (no complete rebuilt system) Windows WMI without having a Windows CD?

Is there a way to re-install the Networking only?


I am certain there is a solution, I just did't find the one needed.
Thanks, Hans.

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Re: Windows7: Repair Installation (not re-install from scratch)

I join you in looking for a solution to repair a Win 7 install that came loaded in a Lenovo laptop.


I have both a X220 and W520 year old Lenovo laptop.  The W520 gets by far the most use.  It simply has a "tired" install of windows 7 and it needs repair.  The X220 with the same software (well not quite as much) but much less use has absolutely no problems.


I have 2 extra licenses for Windows 7 for my old T61 and my Desktop that have a "repair install" capability.  The Lenovo does not.  The lack of this option may keep me from buying a Lenovo again.


My experience over the years is that about a year after purchase most Windows based machines will develop enough crap on the system even with careful backups and use that the basic OS needs repair or reinstallation.


Doing a factory install is simply too much work for the repair necessary.


I suppose Lenovo saves $50 a machine or so by not licensing fully functioning OS software from Msft, but it sure comes back to bite the user in the butt.


Anyone have any ideas on a solution??



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Re: Windows7: Repair Installation (not re-install from scratch)

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I'm not quite certain what you mean by a "tired" install. There are several programs that can clean up the registry and compress it for the minumum required size. I use Winzip Registry Optimizer which works quite well. Windows system files can be repaired with the command line SFC /Scannow. You must run this in administrator mode You can also download the official ISO files for Windows 7 from DigitalRiver. The repair program is present on that disk. Here's the link to all versions:

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