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What's DOS?
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Re: Wireless Problem on W500

Eureka I think I found it.


I stuggled with this for days.   The new driver from Intel helped. I had to uninstall first then run their program. That got it better (from riduculous to  totally unacceptable).    But it seemed the only real difference was that the driver was less willing to admit to a disconnect.  It was still way slower than my Thinkpad t60.   In fact when I played music on myspace it would constantly drop out. And when I tried to attend emeetins at work it would disconnect every 5 or 10 minutes.  So again, the driver was less willing to admit defeat but it was clear the hardware was not keeping up,


What I noticed though is this thing worked better at work than here. And then I realized my old 802,11b router at home  was relatively ancient, and it was obvious from looking at the driver settings on the W500 they had stuff in there to deal with 802.11n which is much faster.


So I went out and paid $60 for a new Linksys 802.11n router figuring I could return it.   Well it has made a huge difference so it's clear this stuff didn't get tested well against old hardware.    Run myspace music player again and NO drop outs.   Tomorrow when I dial into emeetings again I expect to see an improvement there too because the 802.11n is just much faster anyway.


So botttom line, my old laptop worked well with the old router. My new laptop sucks with the old router. Try for yourself. You can always return your router. 


I will post back if I determine this victory is shortlived.

What's DOS?
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Re: Wireless Problem on W500

Read my solution above. You'll be glad you did.
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Re: Wireless Problem on W500

The best way to deal with this was to call Lenovo and get a new replacement - I have tried the reinstalling driver route but nothing seemed to work .  After I got the second w500 it worked alright - all this happened 2 years ago so I hope the newer models don't have this problem!

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Wireless Problem on W500

I have a problem! I have loaded all drivers individually I have a strong signal but w500 thinkpad won't connect to the internet!



Serial Port
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Re: Wireless Problem on W500

Had similar issue with W500 win 7 64 Pro  and  intel 5300 link agn - all would install ok but no network signal available.  Tried installing last (2012) Lenovo drivers which installed the Proset drivers ok - not working still. BUT going to the Intel website and using their auto update, it upgraded the driver to ver 1/22/2012 and wifi works. (note, need to do a hard  reboot)

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