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Since the beginning of using my new W500 with Windows XP I got bluescreens with the infinity loop of the ati2dvag message. Since I made a BIOS update, I had no more this bluescreen-problems.


But now I need to use a CAD-program, and today I tried to use it, but while moving "assemblings" (high performance for the graphic-card) the bluescreen came up again.



NOTE:  Since the time many of these bluescreen issues related to ATI switchable and discrete graphics drivers occured, Lenovo has released mutliple updates to both BIOS and Video drivers.   As a recommended first step, please visit Lenovo's support site and ensure you hae the latest BIOS and Video drivers installed.



Blue screens associated with the ati2dvag driver have also been encountered when using the Acrobat Reader 9.3.    A TechNote from Adobe for a slightly different and older problem with the ATI drivers may be helpful.   


Try Unchecking the   "Use 2D GPU acceleration" option.  TheTechNote mentioned that the solution to that problem was in the ATI/Lenovo drivers.    


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