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couple of question about w520 and w530

Hello ! I have some question about w520 and w530 if you are so kind to help me !!!


     1.some time ago , 2-3 month I make a setting wich dimm the screen till booting in windows , i think it will help me when i boot on battery ,but right now it is verry annoying becouse the brightness is verry Low especialy when i boot in safe mode , i can hardly see whats on lcd ( like brightness 1) HOW Can I REVERT that setting and from where ?!?!?

     2.remove the cover lid How?! The cover lid from my w520 is better than the cover lid of my w530 (the upper case)


      1.How can i magnify the image (like on w520 , fn+space) it is possible on w 530 ?!

      2.How can i go back on a web page ( like on w520 with  key near the arrow) on my w530 i have pgup and pgdn , is some settings or i must change the keyboard ?!

      3.right on my w530 i have cpu 3740qm if i buy a 3820qm is it fit? the actual fan is ok ?!


      Thanks Man!

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Re: couple of question about w520 and w530


1) If you're on Windows 7, open up Power Manager and go to the Global Power Settings tab. Uncheck everything in the Dynamic Brightness Control section.

2) Follow the Hardware Maintenance Manual for the W520 or W530:


1) There's no such hotkey for full screen magnifer on the W530, but you can use Win+Plus to trigger Windows' accessibility magnifier.

2) There are no more browser back/forward keys on the W530 keyboard. Check the hotkeys for the browser you're using to see if it has the appropriate shortcuts.

3) The 3820QM will work fine, but it will be exactly zero improvement over the 3740QM:

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Punch Card
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Re: couple of question about w520 and w530

Thanks a lot! You are The One Colonel!Smiley Happy,I manage solve the problem dim display at startup Like you told me! Also thanks regarding cpu upgrade , you have right , its not worth! If W530 dont have magnify is a sad news ,but better to know , I will study better the link provided me about changing cover lid upper case...

Punch Card
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Re: couple of question about w520 and w530

I'll like Very much some option I have on w520 ,can i have it on a w530 ? and how?!?

1- the option go back to a folder or a web page with the key near the arrow on w530 pgUp / pgDn

2- the option magnify , on w520 Fn+Space

Maybe a smart guy know some triks or software !!! Please some help!

if i put a w520 keyboard it will work?!?

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