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disk bracket for p70 to install SSD disk


I have thinkpad p70 laptop and I've bought ssd samsung 850 disk.
I assume i need now some sort of hard drive brackets to install it, isn't it?

I can't find anythink approprate for p70. The only thing i found is a combo p50+p70 :

ThinkPad Mobile Workstation Storage Kit
Part number: 4XB0L63274

It does have the bracket that i need but it has as well some cables for P50.
We don't need these when you have p70.

Does anyone can recommend some  brackets that are compatible with p70 and can be sued to install the ssd disk in the main slot in the chasis? 


Punch Card
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Re: disk bracket for p70 to install SSD disk

hej lenovo, can somebody plesae confirm what is needed to install an ssd disk? 


The more i read the more confused I get




in the section "1030 HDD" on page 72 of the manual:

There is nothing in particular what clarifies if the disk/ssd disk has to be in some sort of caddy/bracket/addapter etc before you can install it in the laptop.




Im reposting my question here that i left on the review site.


#6 rado, 13:56 16.04
i can see a picture where the additional ssd disk is installed in the main bay in the laptop without any brakes or tray. Is it how the ssd disk suppose to be installed in p70?

When you insert the disk it feels very loose. There is plenty of space at the back (towards the bottom edge of the laptop) and the disk can simply slide back. There are is nothing in the bay/chassis that holds the disk in place.

The same applies to the space on the left and right of the disk. The disk can easily move vertically as there is nothing to hold the disk in place.

Anyone can share some comments.




I see others may have similar problem. I can't find a solution to my problem there although.


#4 Difficult to find parts for after market storage (M.2 and 2.5" drives).




Can somebody please clarify what are these and if u need one of these to install the ssd disk:


00NY313 1 Blank Bezel,9.5mm

00NY314 1 2nd HDD Adapter,9.5mm




The videos give excellent info how to replace or install the disk but are completely unhelpful in description if the disk has to be in special case.
Is the disk wrapped in the 'gummy' brackets only?



In my old laptop to install the disk it had to be put into a cady (example only). Do we need anything similar for p70 as well?


HDD Hard Drive Caddy Cover Screws For 15" IBM Lenovo Thinkpad T60 T60P


Or are the brackets all what a user needs to securely mount the disk in the bay? Should this be compatible with p70?


Orginal New Lenovo ThinkPad P50 HDD SSD Caddy Tray



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Re: disk bracket for p70 to install SSD disk

If you'd ordered your P70 with a factory-provided 2.5" HDD spinner in the primary bay it would have come with the rubberized surrounding mounting bracket "sleeve" that wraps around the drive.  This sleeve consumes exactly the amount of extra space that exists between the smaller drive and the larger outer bay walls, ensuring a perfect snug fit.  The height of the rubberized sleeve off of the bay "floor" also keeps the drive at the perfect height to push onto the SATA3 connector.


I ordered my P70 with one 500GB HDD spinner, not even knowing that it would arrive with this crucial mounting bracket attached.  But when I then went to replace the spinner with a 512GB 2.5" Samsung 850 Pro SATA3 SSD it was trivial to pry the mounting bracket "plugs" out of the screw holes on the sides of the HDD spinner so as to remove the bracket completely, and then to push those plugs into the corresponding holes on the sides of the new 850 SSD so as to firmly attach the bracket around the 850 for perfectly snug insertion into the primary 2.5" bay.  The "surgery" to replace the original HDD spinner with the 850 Pro SSD was complete, thanks to the fact that I fortunately already had the needed mounting bracket delivered from the factory with the delivered HDD spinner.


I believe the exact same bracket is provided in the new "kit". Sure, you may get a few extra parts as well (intended for the P50, and not for the P70 where except for this rubberized mounting bracket sleeve intended for use with a standard 2.5" HDD or SSD drive in the slightly larger primary 2.5" bay of both P50 and P70 there are no other brackets, trays, or cables required to add M.2 drives such as the Samsung 950 Pro to the P70, with PCIe connectors that push perfectly right into the matching PCIe connectors at the end of the M.2 bay and are fastened down at the other end of the bay with a factory-provided screw), but the kit price is minimal and thinking of it as the cost for the 2.5" bracket alone is reasonable.


Note that the P70 Hardware Maintenance Manual does NOT provide any graphics or text describing the existence of or need for this "mounting sleeve" around the drive in the 1020 discussion.  This is unfortunate.  Nevertheless it is absolutely required for proper snug and secure stable fit of whatever 2.5" drive you have, HDD or SSD, as the bay itself is slightly larger than the drive which fits into that bay.


NOTE: that eBay listing seems to show two of the rubberized brackets for sale.  Don't know how they could be "new unopened", in terms of what Lenovo part number they represent.  But $20 is more than the Lenovo "kit" (which, for less money, includes one such P50/P70 2.5" drive mounting bracket along with the other unneeded parts intended for the P50).  However it does appear to be the proper part... albeit two of them.

Punch Card
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Re: disk bracket for p70 to install SSD disk

thanks for the clarification. I wish i had order the HDD as well.

Just to clarify as well, the price of the kit is on uk lenovo site is 11 pounds and similar items on ebay cost only 3. We are overcharged and are force to buy unneeded items.
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Re: disk bracket for p70 to install SSD disk

Of course if you do order just the 2.5" HDD spinner, then the installed Windows comes on that drive. So if you want to migrate to a 2.5" SSD replacement, you have to handle the cloning yourself.


And of course the same is true if you want to add one or two 950 Pro NVMe M.2 drives, which also means you're likely going to be cloning Windows from the HDD spinner over to the NVMe0 drive.  Again, you would do this yourself.


So as long as this isn't a problem for you, it is at least a consideration. Also, reconfiguring your machine post-delivery means that you wouldn't have automatic Lenovo support or warranty service for your own add-ons or potential problems stemming from your own after-market upgrades.  That's why many just pay the extra price and get it configured by Lenovo as desired but with full 100% warranty coverage.


Regarding the eBay listing, I was looking at the link you'd provided in your earlier post, which showed two of those brackets for $19.99USD whereas I believe the US Lenovo site has the parts kit priced at $15.  If you had another eBay UK listing for 3 pounds for just the bracket, I didn't see it from the info you provided.


Anyway, if that bracket had only been available at time-of-purchase (even if you didn't order a HDD spinner) so that it simply came physically pre-installed "empty" in the primary 2.5" bay for possible future use, it could easily have been priced at $5-10 and nobody would have blinked and everybody would have ordered one even if they were going with SSD/NVMe storage only. Same as Lenovo offered when ordering an M93p desktop machine, where all you had to do was check the box to request a "second drive plastic mounting bracket" and it was FOR FREE, and came delivered empty but already inserted in the chassis exactly where it would be needed if you wanted to make use of it to add a second HDD or SSD.  Same as requesting "recovery media discs" at no charge, in which case you just got them.


Oh well.

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