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What's DOS?
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p50 nvme upgrade fail - ideas?

Hi Folks - 


Forgive me if I'm missing a post that solves this problem, I've found some related but nothing that hits it exactly. 


I have a new p50, and as many have, I got a cheap format (sata SSD 256gb, 16gb ram) so I could put my own drives in. 


I got 'Windows 7 pre-loaded through downgrade rights' so the first thing I did was upgrade back to Windows 10. 


Then I used Macrium to clone the drive to an external SATA box, and swapped in 2 1TB NVME's from Toshiba (OCZ RD400).   Used Macrium recovery media to clone back to one of the two SSD's, and?


Nothing.  Windows won't start, gives error: Inaccessible_boot_device or words to that effect. 


Yet, BIOS sees both NVME's, and they're in the boot order in the config, so?


Then I thought, OK, let's just go straight to clean windows install.  I created a windows 10 install media, and: 

Won't install, says 'Windows can't be installed to this disk, because you can't boot off of this disk, please check your bios and make sure that a driver for the device is enabled'.  Yet, windows installer media sees both and can partition them, etc. 


As above, BIOS sees the NVME's, which test out fine in system tests in the startup options.  


If I put the old drive back, it starts up just fine and, indeed, will even boot off the USB/SATA drive, as long as that original Lenovo drive is in there. 


Any ideas?  Thanks so much, 






What's DOS?
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Re: p50 nvme upgrade fail - ideas?

Never mind!  I got it working.  While Windows 10 install media wouldn't allow me to install to the blank NVME drives, after  I had cloned the original system drive to the NVME drive (which still wouldn't boot) I could use Windows 10 install media (USB) to install to the empty partition.  Go figure?  Not sure that's useful, but we're in business.  Best of luck out there....

Fanfold Paper
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Re: p50 nvme upgrade fail - ideas?

windows has always been something of a diva about wanting to select where it boots and making sure it is in front of all other partitions

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