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Punch Card
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p72 and workstation tb3 dock problem



I have an annoying issue with the p72 and the tb3 workstation dock.  I unpack the p72 and plug it into the dock in the morning, then power it on.  100% of the times, the USB on the dock doesn't work, everything else(displays, ethernet) does.  This means the mouse and keyboard do not respond.  Replugging the mouse/keyboard does nothing.


However, if I unplug and replug the dock, then it works.  So essentially USB never works the first time, I always have to replug it to get it to work the second time.


Also, I have 2 identical workstation tb3 docks(bought at the same time from Lenovo even) at different desks and they both have the exact same problem, so it is not a bad dock.


Any ideas?

Punch Card
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Re: p72 and workstation tb3 dock problem

I have the same issue and also my external monitor that is connected on about every 3rd wakeup from being asleep as I've been gone the screen just goes black.  The LCD screen on the P72 is there but my external monitor is a 3440x1400 and I designate it as my main monitor when it is attached.  Because it goes black I can't log it or I cannot tell what is being displayed.  I quickly found that if I simply turn the monitor off and then back on everything comes back and works correctly. Lenovo just pushed out a firmware update to the TB3 dock and I installed it.  It did not fix that.  I use a wireless Logitec K750 and MX Master mouse.  I just plug the Logitech dongle into one of the side USB ports.  I had it plugged into the back USB port but I was getting interference from the WiFi antenna that goes around the screen.  I could run the BT but I've also found reliability issues with that so using the dongle fixes that and the fact that the Dock USB does not wake up.

Lenovo P72 E-2176M, P4200, 64Gb Non-ECC, 2x2Tb RAID 0 Sam 970EVO, 4Tb Sam 860 EVO

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