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pantone color calibrator not working

hi , 

i have pantone color calibratore v 1.2 which came pre-installed on my system running on win 7 pro(x64).

i ahve upgraded the os to win 10 pro(x64).

when , i try to calibrate my monitor, i get an error :



then , when i run the sensor replacement utility , i get another error:




prior to upgrade , i have had never received these errors.


now, the steps taken by me :

1. un-installed and re-installed pantone color calibrator from lenovo.

2. un-installed and re-installed the lates version of x-rite device services manger v 2.3.101 from x-rite.


after, re-installing , i was  sucessfully , able to profile my monitor.

but, perhaps, as per schedule-after a week, when the re-profiling was done , i had received the above mentioned errors.


assistance in this regards shall be appreciated.




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Re: pantone color calibrator not working

i have resolved the issue.


the following steps were performed to resolve the issue:


1. un-installed pantone color calibrator from the control panel


2. deleted the residual entries from the registry


3. un-installed x-rite device service manager from the control panel


4. re-booted the system


5. dleleted the old profiles files from : C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SPOOL\DEIVERS\COLOR\WIDE VIEW ANGLE & HIGH DENSITY FLEXVIEW DISPLAY 2880X1620_D65…………….. .ICM


imp: delete only the profiles which are relevant to your display




6. installed pantone color calibrator v 1.2.0 from lenovo


7. installed latest x-rite device services manager v 2.3.101 from x-rite


8. re-booted the system


9. un-installed nvidia display driver from the control panel and re-booted the system


10. un-installed intel graphics display driver from the control panel and re-booted the system.


11. downloaded nvidia optimus display driver from lenovo and installed intel graphics driver and re-booted the system


12. installed nvidia driver downloaded from nvidia ( i did not install nvidia driver provided by lenovo) and re-booted the system


13. installed thinkpad monitor inf file v 5.07 from lenovo


14. profiled the display .


15. again re-profiled the display - it worked and the sensor replacement utility was also working.


i hope this will help others , facing similar issue.

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Re: pantone color calibrator not working

W541  Windows7 pro (downgraded from 10)  Color calibration fails

I have latest Pantone Color Calibration software.  My X-Rite Device Service

Manager is v 2.1.14 This was installed remotely after I successfully ran calibration once.

Now claibration  fails.

From the website , the latest is version 2.4.0 which I can download.

Should I change it through the Control Panel, installed software section?

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Re: pantone color calibrator not working


are you facing the same problem as mentioned in my original post?


if yes, you could un-install x-rite from the control panel and re-install the latest version.


see if it helps.


if the issue persists, i may suggest you to follow the steps mentioned below:


1. un-install nvidia graphics driver. you could use display driver un-instaler for the same , as it will completely remove all traces of nvidia graphics driver.


you can download the same from : 


if you use any third party antivirus, it may suggest to discard the file. but you can proceed , it's totally safe- i have had used it myself .however, the choice is yours.


note: once you use the display driver uninstaller, before closing it, remember to click on the bottom right hand box, which says- turn windows drivers updates to default state.


2. reboot your system the nvidia optimus from and install it. when you install , choose the option - custom - check the box, for clean install.


4. reboot your system


5. download and install thinkpad monitor inf file


now try to calibrate your display .


hope this helps. 

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Re: pantone color calibrator not working

I had the identical problem. This solution worked perfectly for me. Thanks.


Too bad Lenovo tech support will not give this advice. 

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