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planning to extend harddrive


 i buy my laptop w530 on may 1st i want to increase my harddrive at present i am having 180 gb ssd i want to increase the harddrive to 1tb 

i found 1tb harddrive in amazon

iam thinking like is this harddrive works for my laptop w530 



after buying this harddrive it works with o.s or i have to buy the o.s. seperately.


i have my product key.


iam using windows 7 pro 


please some body suggest me the solution for my problem.


i am extreme need to increase my harddrive. i stop  all my work about this.




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Re: planning to extend harddrive

You can upgrade your hard drive (or SSD) without requiring a complete reinstall of Windows from scratch.  This isn't the kind of motherboard/CPU replacement which deserves a new activation license key.


So, my suggestion is just to "clone" your existing 128GB SSD environment to a larger 1TB SSD environment using Macrium Reflect Free, which will allow you to adjust output partition size(s) to your wishes.  And then if you want you can further re-size partitions on your new resulting 1TB SSD you can use Partition Wizard Free.


Ideally, if both old and new drives were available simultaneously, you could simply "clone" directly from source to target.  In the W530 that's not possible unless you temporarily attach the new 1TB target drive through an external USB adapter, like this item from KingWin. I've never used it in the "EZ-Clone self-duplicating" CLONE mode function it also offers (attaching both source and target drives to it), but you can certainly use it to attach the new 1TB SSD to your W530 via USB 3.0 and then use Macrium Reflect to do the cloning from your still internally installed 128GB SSD, after which you can then remove the 128GB drive from your W530 and install the new 1TB drive.  Again, you can use Partition Wizard after-the-fact for any final partition size adjustments.


Alternatively, if you don't already have an external USB 3.0 backup drive (which you really should have and use regularly, if you have any data you want to protect and preserve) I could recommend you use that approach instead.  Get a 2TB external USB 3.0 drive like this one from Verbatim and use it for your "cloning" project as an intermediate storage point for the 2-step cloning process: (a) use Macrium Reflect to create a "system image" backup from your existing installed 128GB SSD to the external Verbatim drive, (b) remove the internal 128GB and install the new 1TB SSD, and (c) restore the "system image" you just created from the external Verbatim drive to the newly installed 1TB SSD.


Note that in order to accomplish the above-described 2-step out-and-back copy you'll have to also create a standalone boot media (e.g. "rescue media" USB drive) version of Macrium Reflect, since when you install the new 1TB SSD it will at that moment be blank.  The first "out" step from 128GB SSD to Verbatim can be run under Windows on the W530, but the second "back" step to 1TB SSD from Verbatim must be run using the standalone Macrium Reflect USB boot media.


My suggestion is to go with the 2-step approach, which gets you an external 2TB Verbatim backup drive in the process for going forward.  Using the KingWin adapter approach will probably never see that item used again.  So you can set up a regularly scheduled (say weekly) Macrium Reflect "system image" backup of your W530 partition(s) to the Verbatim backup drive, which you really should be doing anyway.

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