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What's DOS?
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playing NBC video freezes

I have a W530 laptop running Win 7.  Whenever I play a video on NBC, it will freeze.  It could be 20, 40, 45 minutes in.  It varies. This occurs in both IE and AOL.  However, it has not happened when playing video on CBS (or if it has frozen, it's occurred so rarely I didn't notice).  Computer is only a couple of months old!! The problem's been going on since the beginning. Tech support says they can't fix it unless I pony up some dough. Not right, especially since this has been going on since the start. Help.

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Re: playing NBC video freezes

I'd be much more suspcious of the crap video player NBC provides... especially if it's intended to be usable in IE or AOL (which is actually invoking IE).  Or, it could be the crap quality of NBC's videos.


I often put copy-freely content from my HTPC (i.e. true WTV files recorded using an OTA/ATSC TV tuner card and roof antenna, by WIndows Media Center) onto my W530 when I travel, so that I can catch up on unprotected HDTV content.  I use Windows Media Center on the W530 (to play these unprotected WTV files originally recorded by WMC on my HTPC), or maybe Windows Media Player (since it can also play unprotected WTV programs), or perhaps Pot Player (which can also play WTV files, and which is my general purpose media player of choice).


In particular I'm watching "The Voice" (which is NBC), or "Amazing Race" (which is CBS), or "Glee" and "Cosmos" (which are FOX), etc..  I have ZERO problem watching any of these unprotected WTV (original true HDTV) recordings on my W530 using any of the three media player programs named above


Again, it's almost certainly NOT your W530 which is at the heart of your issue.  It's almost certainly guaranteed to be NBC's videos and video player which is the culprit.  That's my guess.



Just for the record, are you using built-in Intel HD4600 graphics?  Or nVidia K1000M or K2000M?  Are you you using Optimus drivers from Lenovo, or "discrete graphics" with nVidia drivers from nVidia?


Also, have you tried another browser than IE... such as Firefox?

What's DOS?
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Re: playing NBC video freezes

The issue is related to hardware accelleration active in flash player conflicting with your video drivers. do a clean install of your video drivers ( not an update ) and that should correct it

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