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Hi there,


my laptop w500 didn't work intermittently out of the box and the screen keeps giving me black screen

so i would like to get a replacement

but for the past 3 days ive talked to lots of people at lenovo and everythime i did they were passing me around and did nothing.

so I am sick of talking to people who don't know how to deal with this issue at lenovo


those who got a replacement please let me know how to get a replacement

where should i call at?


best regards


thanks in advance

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Re: replacement

does anyone know how to figure this out?

help me ....Smiley Happy

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Re: replacement



You may have already followed these steps, but for other viewers benefit, let me talk through them a bit....


1) If you have received a new system / purchase and have trouble, you should call support first.   Try to work with support to resolve the issue if possible.   Obviously, if the system is damaged in shipping and has a huge crack in it, we aren't going to fix that over the phone, but if there is a blue screen, black screen, or other feature / function issue, we all benefit by trying to fix it over the phone.  


Ask for your call case number and make note of it.  


2) If repair service is required, please consider that as an option.   There are many possibilities here - in some cases, service may be able to simply send a customer replaceable part - a new DVD drive, a mouse, keyboard, a replacement dock station.

In these cases, service will get you up and running faster than returning and re-ordering a replacement through sales.  


3) If the diagnosis requires you to send in your system for service, please consider that as an option.   It may also be possible to request a one time onsite exception depending upon your circumstances.   Lenovo reserves the right to offer upgraded measures to resolve a situation, but these are not automatic entitlements.   In most cases a depot or onsite repair will be a faster remedy than return for replacement of your system.


Again, take note of your case numbers for reference when speaking with service.


4) If, the issue cannot be resolved on the phone, and cannot reasonably be resolved by Lenovo sending you a simple part, and you do not wish to have a new product serviced, then contact sales and explain that you have a DOA scenario, and provide them with the service case numbers to validate the situation and steps you have reasonably undertaken to resolve.


If you feel you have reached an impass, you may escalate your situation through either sales or support, but these steps outlined above should first be undertaken as pre-requisites


Best regards,



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Basically I am asking the administrator about this matter again.

my laptop has been malfunctioning intermittently out of the box and I think it's a video problem.

the screen is defective(it gives me black screen sporadically). Ive talked to a lot of assitants in every sigle department

and eventually they sent me a box for repair. but the box that I got is so small that It doesn't fit my laptop.

I could have put it in the box. but it's going to be trouble during shipping.

I don't know why they sent me such a small box for the laptop. they are just horrible 


on top of that, since I paid a huge amount of money for the laptop

I don't want them to get it fixed because it's possible to be malfunctioning again in the near future even though they repair it perfectly. (if the machine is inherently bad)

rather than that I would like to get a new one which is not inherently defective hopefully.


is there any way that I could get a replacement directly, not having them fix it.

I think I could do because that's what the warrenty is for. 


Do I have to send it back to lenovo first


again!!!I don't want them to repair it

I just want to get a new one.


I have been stressed out because of this

please give me some advice


thank you. 


Best regards


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Re: Replacement

Did you follow Mark's advice posted above and escalate the situation?



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Re: Replacement


Ive talked to people in sales, warranty center and tech support. and the problem couldn't be fixed on the phone.

when I worked with tech they told me that if I want to get a replacement I have to talk to sales.

and sales said that if I do, I need to talk to tech

they just don't know what to do and they passed me around in a while 


eventually I got to talk to repair center

they said that I need to send it back to them to get it checked and fixed.

but my question is I don't want them to fix it

I just want to get a replacement because of probable hazard in the near future. 

so I was wodering if I could get a new machine without getting my old one fixed.


on top of that the repair center sent me a box to put my laptop in it.

the box is way smaller than my laptop size. I don't know what they are thinking 

they are dealing with this problem really terribly. I am highly dissatisfied with the service.


please people who got a replacement before

let me know how to do it.



have a nice day

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Re: Replacement

Hey there!


It seems as if you have the same problem that I had with my first W500.


I bought mine through a reseller and after getting my case number from tech support i convinced my reseller to take it back because it was dead on arrival. 

Well it took me almost a week to convince i hope you have more luck with that one....messag eme if you need more info .


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Re: Replacement



Sorry that this has been a hassle.  Where are you with things now?


Sales will ask that you call tech support to do basic problem determination as I outlined in my first post above.  That is why it is important to call support and take note of your case number.


Then, when you call sales, you can provide them the case number and ask for a replacement.  Sales may arrange a return for your existing unit and provide credit, and then order a replacement for you.


If you have tried this, and you still feel that you have not made progress, then send me your order number and your service ticket number via a PM and I'll try to help you.





Can you let me know where you are in your case too?  PM is fine.


Best regards,






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