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Punch Card
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screen door effect on W530 display

I recently received a new W530. I'm mostly happy with it. Even adjusting to the new keyboard, with the exception of some of the bewildering key placement.

I am distressed, however,  by the horrible screen door effect on the built-in LCD panel. I am coming from a T510. The screen on the T510 is gorgeous. I can't see anything in between the pixels on it. On the W530, I clearly see grids of lines/spaces in between the pixels. It looks really bad compared to the T510 and, for that matter, to any display I've used recently.

HWInfo identifies the monitor as Lenovo B156HW01 v4, which is the same as the T510. The manufacture date is 2012 vs. 2009 on the T510 panel. The reported identifier may be the same, but the panel itself is obviously different and much worse in my opinion.  The Monitor Name (Manuf) value is different: B156HTN01.1 on the W530 and B156HW01 V4 on the T510.


Here's what I think I've been able to surmise after spending some time on the phone and on the Lenovo support site:

The great T510 LCD panel part number is 42T0765. Lenovo is out of stock, but would charge $1924 if they were available.

The W530 (screen door) panel part number is 04W1544. This is also considered a direct replacement part for the T510 , so presumably would the older T510 and newer W530 panels are interchangeable.

The W530 parts PDF on the support site also includes part numbers 04W3471 and 04W6851 with slightly different descriptions, but I am not clear what these are or how they are different.

I was hoping Lenovo might still have some stock of the old panels and be willing to swap it out under warranty, but that doesn't appear to be the case. So, it looks like my options are

a) live with the screen door effect

b) return the W530 and hope the IPS screen on the W540 is better, but I've had serious problems with the antiglare coatings on several IPS screens in the past.

c) try to swap the panels from my T510 and my W530 myself, though I'm sure this would void the warranty and the idea makes me nervous.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? I appreciate any other information or ideas that anyone may be able to offer.


Fanfold Paper
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Re: screen door effect on W530 display

I have two identical ThinkPad w530 units with identical displays, according to moninfo, but one is beautifully clear and pleasnt on the eyes, while the other has the uber annoying screen door vertical grid pattern. With both of them sitting side by side, it is intensely obvious. I am wondering if perhaps this is a defect in the panel rather than just a design flaw in one panel versus another given that these two machines are identical with identical displays.


Here is the moninfo output from the displays:


  Windows description...... Generic PnP Monitor
  Manufacturer............. Lenovo
  Plug and Play ID......... LEN40B2
  Data string.............. B156HW01 V4
  Serial number............ n/a
  Manufacture date......... 2009, ISO week 1
  Filter driver............ None
  EDID revision............ 1.3
  Input signal type........ Digital
  Color bit depth.......... Undefined
  Display type............. RGB color
  Screen size.............. 340 x 190 mm (15.3 in)
  Power management......... Standby, Suspend, Active off/sleep
  Extension blocs.......... None

Punch Card
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Re: screen door effect on W530 display

It is interesting that you have one W530 with a good screen and one with the truly horrid screen door effect. 


This is just speculation based on my experience, but I think the information from moninfo is meaningless except perhaps the manufacture date.  I think Lenovo ran out of the good panels and is substituting andinferior panel that identifies itself to software as the same model.


For mine, I was able to obtain one of the good panels like the one that came in my T510 -- part 42T0764 -- and swap out the bad one that came in the W530.   It is still just a TN panel, but a good one and it does not have any screen door effect. 


I'm curious about the quality of the new IPS panels on the W540.  I have some good IPS external monitors that I really like, but I've also tried some that were unusable to me due to the heavy coatings that make everything seem shimmery and make it hard to focus.  And I don't consider a glossy screen an option, especially for a laptop.

Punch Card
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Re: screen door effect on W530 display


Just curious as to your purchase dates of the two units.  Was the W530 with the inferior display purchased after the W530 with the superior display? And if you remember, what were the approximate dates--this would help confirm that the later displays were actually a different model (B156HTN01.1) versus the superior early displays (B156HW01 V4).


Thanks so much.

Punch Card
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Re: screen door effect on W530 display

I'd really like to know more about this.


I too had a T510 (though it was a 1600x900 model and I was very happy with the screen.


I recently bought a W530 (in a hurry while I still could because I did NOT want a 540 with that new trackpad)


Anyway, I'm disappointed in the screen as well. It's hard to say if it's exactly the same issue you guys are describing, but the overall quality seems poor, there is a bit of the screen door effect and there is a strange sort of very faint pattern that appears on some websites. It's most noticable on gray borders. It's very subtle, it may even come and go but I'm definitely not imagining it. 


My concern is that the screen will still be considered within parameters and Lenovo will refuse to replace it under warranty. I'm also not too happy with the idea of returning my brand new laptop and being without it for who knows how long, only to get it back and have them tell me nothing is wrong, or replace the screen with another that's just as bad.


The "good" screen part mentioned above can be found on Amazon for only around $50... which seems odd to me, but I am comfortable working on a laptop. Would it make sense just to buy it and swap my screen out?  If I was certain it would make a difference it would definitely be worth $50 to me.



Punch Card
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Re: screen door effect on W530 display

I do think it would make sense to swap the screen yourself. It is not hard
to do and there are good videos on YouTube showing how. However, be careful
that the screen you order is the actual part you want. Sellers seem to have
no qualms selling a substitute part that may work but may not be the exact
screen you want. Of course, Amazon is good about handling any disputes if
there is a problem.

I agree with you on the 540 Trackpad - looks awful. It is a real shame that
Lenovo seems to be doing everything possible to ruin the ThinkPad line. The
screens shipping on the 530s are really terrible.
Punch Card
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Re: screen door effect on W530 display

Thanks for the reply.


I wonder how I can confirm that I'm getting the correct part. I don't care where it comes from as long as it's substatially better than what I've got. The rest of the laptop has been excellent thus far. I don't understand why Lenovo would ship such a nice laptop with a mediocre screen like this. It depresses me to say this, but I've seen a $699 15.6" Asus laptop with a 1920x1080 screen in Best Buy that had a much, much nicer looking screen than my W530. It was a touch screen on top of that. Not that I want touch, but if Asus could manage it on a laptop 1/2 the price


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Punch Card
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Re: screen door effect on W530 display

I found a colleague at work who has a W530 and he let me use it for about 15 minutes, which was more than enough time to get an adequate test-drive on this machine.  All-in-all I was very impressed with  all aspects EXCEPT that somewhat annoying screen door effect which I saw very clearly with my old tired eyes (it was FHD).  However it wasn't that distressing and not enough to prevent me from just ordering a W530 tonight.  After I get it and use it awhile I'll address whether I want to attempt to find the superior AUO screen (which apparently are becoming impossible to find).


I've used ThinkPads for 15 years now and just can't transition and migrate to anything else.  This is primarily due to my

own quirk/idiosyncracy of resting my wrists and forearms on the front edge of the ThinkPad which USED to all have

the rounded curved comfortable front edge.  This is the primary reason I didn't go with the W540 with its now sharper front

edge, despite the fact it has a generation-newer processor (4th vs 3rd) and a new ultra-high resolution display.


And that lengendary thinkpad tank-like yet clean aesthetic all-business design...wondering if those days are finally over.

Punch Card
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Re: screen door effect on W530 display

I have just bought a new W530 and its screen is a great disappointment: horrible vertical grid lines (screen door effect), especially in dark areas. It is not even closely comparable with nice old FHD screens (I own two W520, both panels are B156HW01 v4).

My old W520 panels are identified as B156HW01 v4, but the new W530 screen reads B156HTN01.1. I've seen many complaints regarding that latest inferior LCD panel - mostly vertical grid lines.

So, I called Lenovo and they are prepared to replace the screen under warranty, but I am not sure if I can get any better one, unless it will be from the old batch.

My question to the W530 owners who happened to have the same B156HTN01.1 panel: are there any good ones around without pronounced vertical grid lines or all of them are horrible?


Are there any other panels except  B156HW01 v4 and  B156HTN01.1 that Lenovo tech support may get as a replacement?




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