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Fanfold Paper
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thinkpad W541 - upgrade CPU

MY w541 is under warranty. Current processor is core i7 4930mx. How can i Upgrade it to core i7 4940mx?  Can i get lenovo depot service for this?

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Re: thinkpad W541 - upgrade CPU

To not lose warrany, you would need to contact authorized service centre and request CPU upgrade (please confirm, if this statement is true in your country). You must buy CPU from service centre, FRU: 00HW352 and request them to install it. Please do note, that this part will most likely have one year warranty. List of compatible parts:


But honestly, this upgrade is not worth it. There's only about 5% performance gain between i7-4930MX and i7-4940MX...

Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: thinkpad W541 - upgrade CPU

Whether it is under warranty or not, they will change it (assuming the part is available).  In either case, you will need to pay for it and the part is expensive.  In general CPU upgrades give less pay-back than other types of improvements.  If you can change it yourself, you would have the option to sell the old part.  I'm not sure if the depot would return the old part. 


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Bit Torrent
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Re: thinkpad W541 - upgrade CPU

I agree with the others, and doubt you would even notice any difference between the 4930mx and 4940mx CPU's.    More RAM and a faster HD/SSD would be where I would spend my money.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: thinkpad W541 - upgrade CPU

thank you for your responses. After reading this, i have decided not to get the upgrade.. :-)

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