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Fanfold Paper
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thinkpad p51 battery drain after complete shutdown

[I posed question here and answered it in the following message; hopefully this could help those who experience the same issue.]


I recently purchased thinkpad p51 and found that the battery will completely drain in a moth. That's charge the battery to 100%, completely shut down the system, boot the computer after 30 days and the battery will be less than 2%.


I did the following things and it didn't seem to work.


  • turn off quick reboot
  • disable the following items in BIOS:
    'USB alway On'
    'Wake on LAN'
    'Wake by Thunderbolt(TM) 3'
  • unplug any USB devices after shutdown

I also did some modification on system config, which still didn't sovle the problem.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: thinkpad p51 battery drain after complete shutdown

It turns out that the BIOS 'might' be outdated.

My BIOS is 1.48 (04/29/2019), there's a new release afterward (1.48-1.10, 05/17/2019). In the readme file, it explicitly says that

UEFI: 1.48 / ECP: 1.10
- (Fix) Fixed the battery will leak when the system is power-off.

Lots of people who have the same kind of issue on multiple machines report that after updating BIOS the batteries stop draining.

Also, I've tried many ways and have a feeling that it's less likely due to different settings of the system or BIOS. It could be a bug that causes uncontrollable leak. So I guess that the new release of BIOS should fix this bug. I haven't tried it yet, but think this sounds a reasonable approach. I'll report when I finish the updating.
Paper Tape
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Motherboard Lenovo Yoga 700 14ISK MTM 80QD006DID



My laptop was totally off suddenly. In the first place, I thought maybe the adaptor of the charger was broken. I brought to the service centre, they said the motherboard was broken. 


I wanted to buy the motherboard via online, but there is 2 types of motherboard after I am searching. There are 2 type 6200U and 6500U. 


Is there anyone know what is the different? And which one should I buy for Lenovo Yoga 700 14ISK 80QD006DID 


Thank you so much 


Best regards



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