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trackpoint and touchpad problems - W520

Hi, I recently disassembled my Thinkpad W520 to clean out the fan and check a few things on the motherboard and when I put it back together both the trackpoint and touchpads have stopped working.  The trackpoint is attached to the motherboard at the same connector as the keyboard which works fine and I was very careful with static, dust, etc when I dissambled everything so I don't really see how anything could have gotten damaged.  First time I turned it back on the trackpoint worked fine but I had forgotten to plug the CMOS battery back in and when I went back and did that it stopped working.  Not sure about the touchpad, I dont use it much so didn't check it at first.  So far my attempts to uninstall/reinstall the drivers haven't helped.  The touchpad's no longer recognised in device manager but the mouse and keyboard are (and nothing's turned off in the BIOS either).  
Is this just a sign of a bad motherboard or am I missing something easier to fix here?  Up until this point everything worked fine other than some USB issues which were do to a physical connetion problem.  It seems strange that the keyboard is ok but the mice dont work.
 Anyone have any  advice or suggestions?



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Re: trackpoint and touchpad problems - W520

Hello S_Zahara,


Motherboards are the most sensitive and delicate part of the computer. It may be possible that when you removed the CMOS Battery, that may have changed some settings in the bios. Make sure the trackpad is enabled in your bios settings. Also, to make sure the CMOS battery is getting a full charge, leave your computer on for 24 hours. If the problem still persists, I would reseat the track pad to the motherboard. Hope that helps.

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