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What's DOS?
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Re: w510 BSOD

Just received our third W510 and we have the BSOD issue on all of them.

This apprears to be secondary to the Qualcomm Gobi 2000 adapter and the frimware not being compatable with Windows 7.  Apparently if you have Verizon as the wireless you are OK but with the cingular SIM card, it doesnt recognize the ATT software to load the card.  Then you get the BSOD.  This is probably is fixable but tech support was not helpful. 

Paper Tape
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Re: w510 BSOD

W510 BSOD - same issue. Worked in Safe Mode, worked with wireless switched off - when switched on, BSOD came and auto-restarted back to BSOD. Loaded recovery discs obtained from Lenovo - BSOD came during final 'customization' process. Discussed with Lenovo Supervisor, returned machine to them and they are returning the machine 'repaired' - should arrive tomorrow (Monday). Note on Lenovo help: you should insist on talking to a supervisor.

Punch Card
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Re: w510 BSOD

I had a similar issue with the Gobi card, and the Verizon SIM. Any attempt to use the card caused the BSOD. I resolved it by removing Lenovo's Access Connections software, which I usually do as soon as I get a new Thinkpad anyway. 

David Gleason. Every T from the T20 to the T61p, W500, W510. Current system: W520 4270-CTO i2820 8GBx4 (corsair), FHD(1920x1080), NVIDIA Quadro 1000M and 2 Samsung 830 512gb SATA III SSD.
Paper Tape
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Re: w510 BSOD

W510 sent to Lenovo for repairs was returned yesterday. Technician had loaded W7-32bit instead of 64bit - nice one! I re-imaged with 64bit recovery discs and was welcomed by BSOD. Spoke with a Help technician who asked me to re-image from HDD - and the results were BSOD with wireless ON no BSOD with wireless OFF. Also, it took sometime to get the ethernet working (driver inoperable). And during this process after multiple reloads and no ethernet with wireless ON it did not produce BSOD, but when ethernet driver connected the BSOD came on. The same Help technician phoned to enquire of progress. He called the machine in sighting a possible motherboard failure. Note on Lenovo help staff: they give advice but they do not supervise actual repairs, so when one sends a failed machine in for repair it could be returned altered from original specs and still inoperable - as in my case!

Paper Tape
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Re: w510 BSOD

Hello, Lenovo!

This is a serious and widespread problem.  I spent much of last evening carefully updating all of the drivers and patches on the site and still no joy: If I drop in the sim card -> instant BSOD. 

When will there be a fix?  We paid for a machine that was advertized to take sim cards.  That means it should work.


What's DOS?
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Re: w510 BSOD

I had this BSOD problem with w510. I wasted 3 solid days trying to troubleshoot and technical department was no help what so ever. Making things worse I had to pay restokcing pay when I returned W510. But you know what it was well worth it. What a disappointing experience it was and W510 suppose to be top business class laptop?


Lenovo you just lost loyal customer since T40 days Smiley Sad



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Re: w510 BSOD



Ok - I can see there definitely seems to be an issue here associated with the WWAN card.


Can we confirm that it is isolated to use of the WWAN function vs normal Wifi being active?


Can everyone confirm BIOS and device driver levels being used?  There are a number of variables here - and we need to try to develop a consistent picture out of this discussion so that we can try to recreate the symptoms and escalate to engineering.





Blue Screen Again
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Re: w510 BSOD

Wow.  I can't win.


I bought another W510 (but haven't opened it yet) and it happens to be the only FHD one CDW had in stock, the 4319-2QU... which comes with this card.


Has anyone tried just taking the card out and see if the BSOD's go away?

Paper Tape
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Re: w510 BSOD

Mark_Lenovo et al,

The W510 I purchased was returned to Lenovo for repairs and there it remains awaiting 'spare part/s since 22 March'- see Georgiajohn (above twice). What I can tell you is that when the wireless switch on side of machine is OFF then no BSOD. When switched ON then BSOD appeared all the time. Note that when I reimaged, the ethernet was not immediately working (fault in driver?) and the wireless switch was ON there was no BSOD but when after several reboots the ethernet worked and with the switch ON then the BSOD appeared almost immediately. In other words it works with either ethernet or wireless but not both. Regarding BIOS: all up to date, no effect. The supervisor at Lenovo had suggested motherboard issues.


Fanfold Paper
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Re: w510 BSOD

I just got my new Lenoo W510 on Thursday, and have spent the rest of the time trying to make the Gobi device read my SIM card without blue-screening.  I see where you say to downgrade to version 1.1.80 and it might work; you have this from original disk, but mine came with 1.1.90.  Can you send me a link to 1.1.80?  I can't find it anywhere on the internet.

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