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Paper Tape
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w520 crack

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Before two weeks ago I saw a crack on the left side of the keyboard bezel palmrest of my three months old thinkpad w520.


Link to picture


I use it on a desktop and when I have to go out with it I use a well padded laptop bag, so I'm pretty sure I haven't hit it at all. Unfortunately today I noticed a small plastic bit on the desktop near to it and then I realized that the crack has become a small hole.


Link to picture


Could you suggest me what is the best I can do in case I can't afford to send it for repair because I really strongly need it every day of the week.


Thanks in advance!


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Punch Card
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Re: w520 crack

Beyond sending it in, I'm not sure what Lenovo can directly do, however if I was you. I'd read the disassembly guide, take apart the top part of the keyboard bezel, and superglue that thing tight (from the inside).

Punch Card
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Re: w520 crack

Perhaps if you can find the part number you could order a replacement palm rest from Lenovo and do the repair yourself.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: w520 crack

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I also had a crack in a similar location to yours on my 2 month old W520. I think it was from the band on my watch although I have a ~5 year old Lenovo R61i ThinkPad that I always have used with my watch on and never had a problem. (In fact, I now have a hairline crack near the lower right screw on my screen bezel.) I ended up having to pay for a new palmrest which includes the finger print reader at a cost of somewhere near $100.00. I called and spoke to support but it seemed that they were all to eager to just say "Sorry it's damaged we don't cover it, would you like to purchase a new part." Bad support in my opinion for a flagship product.

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Re: w520 crack

The palmrest of my W520 now has exactly the same hole as yours, in exactly the same spot... It started as a crack and a few days ago I found a small chip on my desk. The crack keeps expanding ever since.

It is still under warranty, though not for long (I bought it in November 2011). I surely didn't bump it anywhere and have always carried it in a notebook backpack.

What did you do with yours eventually? Is it eligible for a replacement by lenovo service? Thanks in advance

Serial Port
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Re: w520 crack

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same identical crack on my w520. Just the crack for now, no hole.

I guess it appeared after 1-1.5 years of ownership.

Plenty of other w520 users with same crack! (there should be other threads about this)

Mine never dropped, rarely moved from desk, i wear no watch, so it surely a design fault!

Should send it next month for other defects ( Smiley Sad ), will ask about this.


Just curious if someone asked Lenovo about this flaw.

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What's DOS?
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Re: W520 cracked corner bezel

I have the a same issue, but for me a small piece of the corner broke off. Does anyone know if this is covered under our warranty at all?

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