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Punch Card
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what does HD, HD+, and FHD mean?

I've asked this before but have yet to good an answer so I'll ask again.


What does HD, HD+ and FHD mean?  How many pixels are there horizontally and verticaly?  If FHD is 1920x1080 what are HD and HD+?


As for why I care...  I currently have a 15 inch 1024x768 monitor.  I'm willing to try a higher resolution / pixel density but have a feeling that 1920x1080 would be too high.  Are HD or HD+ too high, as well?  I don't know and I'd like to.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: what does HD, HD+, and FHD mean?

You and I like different things. I want 1920x1200....


Anyway, this is from the Spec Book that you can find here


HD      1366x768

HD+    1600x900

FHD    1920x1080


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