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Lenovo Systems That Support Pens


From L to R: ThinkPad Pen Pro 3, ThinkPad Pen Pro 2, ThinkPad Tablet 10 Pen, Lenovo Digitizer Pen, ThinkPad Pen Pro/ Active Pen


Lenovo Notebooks, Convertibles, and Tablets That Support Pens


Current as of March 28, 2016


When purchasing a new Lenovo device intended to be used with an active or passive pen, it is important to identify prior to purchase that the system comes configured for pens, and the type of pen it is configured for.


This is important because active and passive pens require a system configured with a digitizer. In Lenovo products, a digitizer is an electrical component that resides in a layer of the glass of the Lenovo display, as is a separate engineering layer from a capacitive or resistive touch screen. Please note that a digitizer cannot be added to a display or system after purchase.


A List of Lenovo Systems That Support Pens

Tablets                                     Type Of Pen
ThinkPad 10                              ThinkPad Tablet Pen/ Digitizer Pen
ThinkPad Helix 1st Gen              ThinkPad Helix Pen/ Digitizer Pen
ThinkPad Helix 2nd Gen             Digitizer Pen or ThinkPad Pen Pro/ Active Pen
ThinkPad Tablet 2                      Digitizer Pen
X1 Tablet                                  ThinkPad Pen Pro
Notebooks And Convertibles  Type Of Pen
ThinkPad P50                            ThinkPad Pen Pro 2
ThinkPad P70                            ThinkPad Pen Pro 2
ThinkPad P40 Yoga                   ThinkPad Pen Pro 2
ThinkPad Yoga                         Digitizer Pen
ThinkPad Yoga 11e (2nd Gen)    ThinkPad Pen Pro/Active Pen
ThinkPad Yoga 12                     Digitizer or ThinkPad Pen Pro/ Active Pen
ThinkPad Yoga (2nd Gen)          ThinkPad Pro 2
ThinkPad Yoga 14                     ThinkPad Pen Pro/ Active Pen
ThinkPad Yoga 15                     ThinkPad Pen Pro/ Active Pen
ThinkPad Yoga 260                   ThinkPad Pro 2
ThinkPad Yoga 460                   ThinkPad Pro
ThinkPad X1 Yoga (1st Gen)      ThinkPad Pen Pro 3
ThinkVision LT1423p (Wired)      Digitizer Pen
ThinkVision LT1423p (Wireless)  Digitizer Pen
Miix 700                       ThinkPad Pen Pro/ Active Pen


Pending Release In Early 2016

Yoga 900s


More Information On Pens


  • To confirm a specific model is configured for use with a pen, and which pen, visit Lenovo's Product Specifications Reference (PSREF) website or visit this blog article to learn how to use the PSREF website
  • Pen physical specifications and product numbers can be found on Lenovo’s Support website
  • This blog article lists ways to order a Lenovo pen
  • A list of Lenovo systems that support pens can be found in this blog article
  • The difference between the types of pen Lenovo sells can be found in this blog article
  • Suggestions on how not to use an active or passive Lenovo pen are summarized in this blog article
  • Lenovo.com is a great resource for finding pen product specifications, ordering pen replacements, and other pen-related information

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martiniturbide On 2016-06-22, 0:52 AM



Thanks Amy for the picture. I modified it the levels of the picture on Gimp.


Gandalforce On 2016-07-19, 21:08 PM

The Active/Pen Pro does not work with the Helix 2nd Gen.


Please advise.

Amy_PI_Lenovo On 2016-07-20, 18:20 PM



Some models of Helix 2nd Gen support the ThinkPad Pen Pro/ Active Pen, while others support the digitizer pen.


To determine which pen your Helix 2nd Gen model supports, please visit this link:



Thank you,

Gandalforce On 2016-07-20, 22:51 PM

Thank you Amy,


My model number is a special one: 20CGCTO1WW.


I dont think it is listed in the PSREF.




Gandalforce On 2016-07-20, 22:52 PM

Any where can i see the Digitizer ThinkPad Pen Pro/ Lenovo Active Pen?

MTRNord On 2016-07-30, 11:11 AM

The 900s is already running with a pen. (I tested the ThinkPad Pen Pro on it) But it seems that not all features are active. It uses only the default windows 10 driver with limited support (Gimp, Krita and other Drawing Programs don't detect it as drawing pen sadly)

Gandalforce On 2016-08-02, 22:15 PM

Amy, could you assist me some more on this?

lbgguy On 2016-09-03, 4:25 AM

Hello, Will the latest yoga 910 support pen ? I want 14" laptop support stylus besides the x1 yoga and its predecessors

jwdean26 On 2016-09-07, 17:33 PM

Does anyone know which pen will work with the Yoga 11e 3rd Gen (specifically 20GA000MUS model)?

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