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Lenovo Systems That Support Pens


From L to R: ThinkPad Pen Pro 3, ThinkPad Pen Pro 2, ThinkPad Tablet 10 Pen, Lenovo Digitizer Pen, ThinkPad Pen Pro/ Active Pen


Lenovo Notebooks, Convertibles, and Tablets That Support Pens


Current as of March 28, 2016


When purchasing a new Lenovo device intended to be used with an active or passive pen, it is important to identify prior to purchase that the system comes configured for pens, and the type of pen it is configured for.


This is important because active and passive pens require a system configured with a digitizer. In Lenovo products, a digitizer is an electrical component that resides in a layer of the glass of the Lenovo display, as is a separate engineering layer from a capacitive or resistive touch screen. Please note that a digitizer cannot be added to a display or system after purchase.


A List of Lenovo Systems That Support Pens

Tablets                                     Type Of Pen
ThinkPad 10                              ThinkPad Tablet Pen/ Digitizer Pen
ThinkPad Helix 1st Gen              ThinkPad Helix Pen/ Digitizer Pen
ThinkPad Helix 2nd Gen             Digitizer Pen or ThinkPad Pen Pro/ Active Pen
ThinkPad Tablet 2                      Digitizer Pen
X1 Tablet                                  ThinkPad Pen Pro
Notebooks And Convertibles  Type Of Pen
ThinkPad P50                            ThinkPad Pen Pro 2
ThinkPad P70                            ThinkPad Pen Pro 2
ThinkPad P40 Yoga                   ThinkPad Pen Pro 2
ThinkPad Yoga                         Digitizer Pen
ThinkPad Yoga 11e (2nd Gen)    ThinkPad Pen Pro/Active Pen
ThinkPad Yoga 12                     Digitizer or ThinkPad Pen Pro/ Active Pen
ThinkPad Yoga (2nd Gen)          ThinkPad Pro 2
ThinkPad Yoga 14                     ThinkPad Pen Pro/ Active Pen
ThinkPad Yoga 15                     ThinkPad Pen Pro/ Active Pen
ThinkPad Yoga 260                   ThinkPad Pro 2
ThinkPad Yoga 460                   ThinkPad Pro
ThinkPad X1 Yoga (1st Gen)      ThinkPad Pen Pro 3
ThinkVision LT1423p (Wired)      Digitizer Pen
ThinkVision LT1423p (Wireless)  Digitizer Pen
Miix 700                       ThinkPad Pen Pro/ Active Pen


Pending Release In Early 2016

Yoga 900s


More Information On Pens


  • To confirm a specific model is configured for use with a pen, and which pen, visit Lenovo's Product Specifications Reference (PSREF) website or visit this blog article to learn how to use the PSREF website
  • Pen physical specifications and product numbers can be found on Lenovo’s Support website
  • This blog article lists ways to order a Lenovo pen
  • A list of Lenovo systems that support pens can be found in this blog article
  • The difference between the types of pen Lenovo sells can be found in this blog article
  • Suggestions on how not to use an active or passive Lenovo pen are summarized in this blog article
  • Lenovo.com is a great resource for finding pen product specifications, ordering pen replacements, and other pen-related information

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Gandalforce On 2016-09-19, 12:36 PM
I really want to upgrade my pen. Hope someone can help me.
msumampau On 2016-10-31, 4:49 AM

 I can't find my model number on PSREF. Can someone help me? I would like to know whether YOGA 900-13ISK can be use with a pen? I've bought a pen before, since it's stated that the pen can be use on YOGA 900.

S/N: *******



Admin note; s/n edited to avoid possible abuse

peri On 2016-12-11, 8:09 AM

Hello Amy,


I have a Thinkpad Yoga 14 at the moment and got an active pen.  It is working alright until I swithched to tablet mode.  The pen will not work anymore.  It also does the same turning off thing after waking up from sleep mode and for not using it for a couple of minutes.  I had to re start the laptop to make it work again.  Any recomendations on what to do?  I already dowloaded the latest drivers etc.  Any help will really appreciated, thanks! :)

Andy_Lenovo On 2017-01-11, 9:50 AM
marikvntu On 2017-01-21, 22:14 PM

Feel a bit lost with all those articles...


I have Yoga 710-14ISK. Yeah I don't think it has any digitizer in its screen. But still it's touch capacitive screen.


I can buy any capacitive pen but for pressure sensitivity I may need some bluetooth pen. I'm okay to buy one, but am concerned about the right model to be compatible.


Can someone recommend some bluetooth pen with pressure sensitivity to work on a capacitive screen without digitizer?


Any other ways to make it work?

AntonioCloud On 2017-04-07, 12:37 PM

Hi Amy

Can you tell me if is possible to use some of that pens or similar for model Miix 310?

We have tested the model 4X80H34887 (Thinkpad active capacitive pen) and does not work

Angga_Rionardo On 2017-08-10, 17:26 PM

I use Lenovo Yoga 500 - 14isk Core i5 with dual graphics (Intel VGA and Nvidia Geforce)

Does all the digital pen above have support for my laptop?

I use Windows 10 Aniversary update, there is Windows Pen & Ink. And there is also pen arrangement ..

Can i use this laptop like a Tablet pen (like Wacom, Huion, etc ...)

Can i get pressure setting for my laptop?


SMPSeattle On 2017-10-22, 5:18 AM

Can anyone here help me set up the Active pen for my Lenovo Yoga 900?


I am very frustrated.  I bought the Active Pen for my Lenovo Yoga 900 (Lenovo Active Pen For Miix, Yoga 900s, Yoga 720 And Flex 5 on the website).  The instructions show how to put in battery and, I assume, change nibs.  The "instructions" send me to www.lenovo.com/support, but the support area does not recognize the pen.  The packaging says to download WRITEIT by going to www.writeit.com, which only sends me to the Lenovo home page.  I was able to find the download and have installed the beta (from Jan 2016?!?).  I click on tutorial, NADA.  I click on FAQ, which sends me back to the Lenovo home page - dead end again.  So I try chatting online for help.  Not available in US.  I try calling (877-453-6686) but they do not support accessories.  I try having them look at my yoga computer, but it is out of warrenty (really? I purchased Dec '16), so he sent me to Customer Service.  I have now dialed them 3 times to get through their IVR to customer service only to find out they are closed.  


So I have spend $40 on a product with no documentation and no support.


HELP!!  I USED to love my Lenovo, but this experience has completely turned me off the company.




Jakee On 2018-02-05, 9:00 AM


I'm already posted the same question here, but copied here too, maybe someone answer here.


I have a ThinkPad Helix Gen. 2 (20CHS06A0J) and I want to buy a stylus pen for it.

This stylus compatible with my ultrabook?:

Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel Carbon (CS-400) 


The Wacom combatible list contains ThinkPad Tablet 2 but the Helix is not on the list.

On the Lenovo forum I found the pen support list which says ThinkPad Helix 2nd Gen support digitizer Pen or ThinkPad pen pro/ active pen and ThinkPad Tablet 2 support digitizer Pen. So my model (20CH) is the Digitizer version i think and it should support the Bamboo pen too like Tablet 2. If someone can confirm or disprove it I would be very grateful.


Or if anyone know how can i check which panel/sensor(EMR) I have in my helix it would be helpfull too.



p.s. I already contacted with Lenovo support in phone (Hungarian), but they can't even help because they're just in name support and they just only repairing Lenovo devices and advised for searching forums (which is really sad) for help.I already contacted Wacom too and texted them almost the same and they're answered this: "The Stylus Feel Carbon (CS-400) is not officially tested by Wacom with your device (Lenovo Helix gen2 20CH) it could work but it's not guaranteed by us." and recommended the solo and duo(capacitive pens) even if i started with: "The Wacom combatible list contains ThinkPad Tablet 2 but the Helix is not on the list." & "ThinkPad Helix 2nd Gen support digitizer Pen or ThinkPad pen pro/ active pen" and It's like they don't even care for what I said and they're just trying to sell me something. :smileyfrustrated:  


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