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Re: Thinkpad Yoga - ghosting / after-image / watermark issue

2014-09-21, 12:17 PM


Perhaps the technology has gotten a lot better in recent years so that this is rarely noticeable. And perhaps in some cases (like with these LG panels) some poor engineering winds up resulting in the effect becoming a lot more severe.



It doesn't necessarily mean poor engineering is the cause for the issue, it could also be some material/production flaw  we don't know the cause for sure that is for lenovo and LG to figure out. What we do know are the consequences.


funkster schrieb:

I was just hoping that perhaps the new SPB2 displays only had a normal minor amount and that maybe people were looking too hard for it but it's starting to sound like that's not the case and that the issue is still serious.



Well I have made pictures with my mobile phone camera which is not the best one, considering that the ambient lighting wasn't very good when I took the pictures and the fact that you can still see the afterglow easily, shows that my display that is reported as SPB2 still suffers from the issue. What's happening here is not the regular IPS ghosting it is an after-image that can easily hold for 1 min 30 sec+. If IPS technology would have been that inert, it could never have been considered superior over TN. I also did the afterglow test with my full HD Desktop Monitors (which are TN) and show, as expected, no such effect at all. See for yourself:
(Click the images for full size version, in case this doesn't work: Rightclick the image, pick "Save image as", save it to your hard drive and open it with an image viewer of your choice)

1st image: If you look at the dialog box closely (which is NOT semi-transparent) you'll see how the PDF reader pages continue as brighter areas in the dialog box. Its hard to see on the photo but it will become a lot clearer in the next pictures.


2nd image: Now I resized the dialog to full screen and the issue becomes way more obvious. If you now look at the lower part of the dialog box, which is located where you could see a part of the pdf before you will see that you almost can read the text of the
after image (again consider this picture was taken with a bad mobile phone camera, even the regular button captions are hard to read but you're still able to recognize the letters in the after image). The after image fades to the regular grey background where the PDF file has been covered by the smaller dialog box before.


3rd image: another fullscreen picture of the dialog, again the dialog box is not semi-transparent. The white rectangles in the background are the after image of a previously displayed PDF document.


4th image: Most obviously the issue becomes when you do the "checkerboard test" (http://www.marco.org/rmbp-irtest.html), which shows catastrophic after images:


5th image: For reference the exact same test done on my desktop monitor (Samsung SyncMaster BX2450L), which shows no effect at all:


6th image: for the record: this is what I've been able to find about my display, you can find the model name and number of the display in the 4th line from the bottom.

I really like lenovo products and especially the X240, which is pretty darn close to my idea of an ideal notebook, but something has to happen about the display issue. If it turns out that even the newest displays suffer from the afterglow image and thus there are no IPS displays available whatsovever to fix this, I'd be totally satisfied with a good FullHD TN panel as replacement, as long as the power consumption of the panel isn't above the IPS version.


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Re: Thinkpad Yoga - ghosting / after-image / watermark issue

2014-09-21, 12:27 PM
On the 4th picture it clearly shows even much worse ghosting all around the edges ( probably about 1cm or so) my first panel had ghosting around the edges that seemed to progress a little towards the centre of the screen.

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Re: Thinkpad Yoga - ghosting / after-image / watermark issue

2014-10-31, 17:08 PM

Thanks for your post OP


Im pretty much in the exact same situation as you, except the TPY I purchased from the Microsoft store had a SBP1


This laptop is indeed excellent though. I have to say that I like it so much Im considering keeping it despite the somewhat major defect. 


One another note, 


The 14inch TPY just got released in the States, and looks very good. In fact, its pretty much the same width and weight, and it fits a 14inch screen into a 13inch chassis so it seems to be the almost the exact same form factor. 


There are a couple of trade off however. The TPY 14 comes equip with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 840M 2GB and a i5 4210U which is slightly better than the i5 4200U. It also has an 1 more USB port compared to the 12.5 versoin


That being said, they only seem to be shipping with a very small ssd + a normal hard drive.I am pretty confident one can replace the drives inside the machine into something more favorable but it will cost you a little bit more.


This laptop will be amazing if there no screen ghosting on it. 


Check this newly posted review out. The 14 inch TPY has a full sized HDMI as well 




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Re: Thinkpad Yoga - ghosting / after-image / watermark issue

2015-09-27, 14:00 PM

I can better that!!  For the last week I thought it was a virus, but my Son has had an issue today (which we've now recitified by putting it back to windows 8.1).  So  thought I'd search my issue - and to my suprise here we are!!  It's real and it really is hardware!! 

Screen savers first came out to stop constant image nurn into the monitor (back in the 80's) - but there were cathode ray tubes!!  I have a similar burn into Lenova's top of the range i7 GeForce touchscreen laptop monitor.  A constant pink hue of all the screen from whatever was on the screen last - just before shutdown (even though I have screen saver coming on after 30 second no use) .  Cosequently, at all times - white screens look green, red screens vanish into black, etc.


It is so  bad that I have to use another monitor, and duplicate the image (for colour correction)!


If I could upload photos - you'll see the issues - and they are not every now and then - it's all the time.  I'm sure the 12 month warranty runs out in about 8 weeks.  Looks like I'll be taking it along to the nearest workshop for a change of screens?



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