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Re: Thinkpad Edge S430 - is it possible to replace the hdd with a ssd?

2013-05-17, 6:35 AM
Thanks everyone for this awesome thread! It really helped me inform my buying process.

I am getting a Thinkpad Edge e430 and looking to put the OS on a ssd and use the hdd for secondary storage. My main question now is this: is there room for the sdd and the hdd? Or, do I need to replace the DVD drive with a mount?


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Re: Thinkpad Edge S430 - is it possible to replace the hdd with a ssd?

2018-10-19, 8:16 AM

Hi all,


I'm joining this older discussion to possibly get your views/help on my recent situation.


I did exactly what is described earliern here: replaced the original 16GB mSATA drive in Lenovo TP S430 by another mSATA drive of 256GB capacity, tartgeting to install OS to that disk and use the original primary HDD (500GB) only for data. All went well: I disconnected HDD, replaced the mSATA, made a clean instalation of W10 and withouit any issue booted from the mSATA.


The problem came in the moment I reconected the original HDD. The BIOS during booting did not recognized mSATA any more (displayed error "2102: Detection error (Mini SATA)" and booted/attempted to boot from HDD, as this one was set the next in booting drivers priority list in BIOS. When I disconnect the HDD again, the system turns back to "normal", ie. boots from mSATA without issues. I have tried to format the HDD and also to use a different one - the result is the same.


Any views?


I'm wondering, if issue cannot be in the size of the new mSATA. In multiple discussion users mention only up to 128GB is supported (still, others mention 256GB), however not really giving any reason for that.


Many thanks for any useful opinion!

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