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Re: Thinkpad Yoga - Digitiser has inaccurate area

2013-11-28, 12:16 PM

That is quick. Awesome, thanks a lot.

Question tho: Firmware update = install once and never again, even if I reinstall Windows for example, or Linux? From my understanding, firmware updates would be installed on the hardware itself, contrary to a driver.


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Re: Thinkpad Yoga - Digitiser has inaccurate area

2013-11-28, 12:24 PM
firmware update is like your bios update, you do it only once.

Jin Li

May this year, be the year of 'DO'!

I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft

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Re: Thinkpad Yoga - Digitiser has inaccurate area

2013-11-29, 14:27 PM

Jonny, no this update will not apply to the TPT2. When you say similar, do you have any pictures showing the inaccuracies while drawing a straight line?


Kuhfi, yes it will be permanent. The update will reside in the hardware (after applying) not the HDD.


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Re: Thinkpad Yoga - Digitiser has inaccurate area

2013-11-29, 14:28 PM

Hi, seems that units currently available are "old production". Mine was bought yesterday (28th nov) from fresh batch from Lenovo, and has the black hole issue. Hope you can publish the patch soon. If i can't download and verify the patch within a week, i have to start the return process.


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Re: Thinkpad Yoga - Digitiser has inaccurate area

2013-11-29, 15:39 PM

Very happy to hear it is firmware issue. That means I do not have to return my laptop and can continue working on it. 


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Re: Thinkpad Yoga - Digitiser has inaccurate area

2013-11-29, 16:03 PM

I dont have a server that i can use to link the image. i could try tp email you an example. The problem is that it always happens when i'm taking notes that are privileged (meaning cant be shared).


the basic issue is that in OneNote when writing away, a portion of the screen om the middle of the tablet becomes impossible to write on. i have to then scroll the insertion point so that i can write in the bottom are of rhe screen or the top. the problem appeara to occur, of yoi visualize the tablet vertically, as occuring in the thrid 1/4 from the top.


the prpblem ironically has not happened to me in Painter or other programs running with the Wintab driver.


any ideas?

Jonathan Becker
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga - Digitiser has inaccurate area

2013-11-30, 9:41 AM



Seems like the fix is out. Can someone try it and let us know if it worked?


I am planning to buy one soon. 



0 person found this solution to be helpful.

This helped me too


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Re: Thinkpad Yoga - Digitiser has inaccurate area

2013-11-30, 12:21 PM

I've just downloaded and tested the firmware update, and it seems like the issue has been (pretty much so) solved. There is still a very faint hint of the black hole, but nothing compared to how it was before. 


Yoga black hole fix1.png


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Re: Thinkpad Yoga - Digitiser has inaccurate area

2013-11-30, 22:29 PM

Really impressive response on the firmware fix!  (If only the retailers had understood better what the systems had on board...)


Question to other owners as well as the Lenovo folk:  last night I noticed that the righthand side of the screen bezel (the portion on the outer edge of the laptop) had a sharpness to it that the lefthand side did not.  When I looked at it closely, I could see that what was happening was a tiny gap had opened between the front and back panels of the bezel on the righthand side of the screen.  A similar process is underway along the top of the screen. 


I've had the computer only two weeks, so this worries me - I've been careful with it, haven't dropped it, etc. - it seems that this bezel separation's starting awfully fast. 


Is anyone else noticing this?  On my x220, there's something similar going on but the machine's two and it's actually been dropped once, about three feet onto concrete and landed edge-on.  The bezel was gapped when I picked it up, snapped back into place just fine and doesn't worry me.  So seeing gapping start at 2 weeks concerns me about the longevity of this computer. 


Something I've found in the display driver may help others:  there's a registry key that exposes a custom resolution functionality in the chipset.  For my purposes, the 1600 x 900 resolution is just a bit too fine grained for a few things (vmware consoles and running terminal services within those consoles primarily) so I'd been using 1280 x 800 and liked the pitch but wished I had the full screen illuminated,


After setting the value of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intel\Display\igfxcui\CustomResolutions\ShowCustomResolutions to 1, the chipset software has a new "Custom Resolution" menu.   I was able to generate resolutions of 1440 x 810 and 1504 x 846 on the display (both at 60 hz) and they look quite good - they're at the native ratio of width to height.  The native ratio helps them work in both win 7 and win 8 without recalibration - I was interested that win 8 doesn't appear to properly let you calibrate the display if you're using an alternate geometry, where win 7 is able to do so.


Now if I could figure out how to tell the Metro interface that I wanted both a custom resolution and things to look bigger, I might start using it a bit more.  It seems that Metro decides how things will look based on physical screen size (which is good) but is pretty rigid in those decisions and particularly so if you're using a nonnative screen resolution. 


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Betreff: Thinkpad Yoga - Digitiser has inaccurate area

2013-12-01, 17:02 PM

Fix works great for me. 



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