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Twist and screen orientation

2012-11-14, 14:54 PM

I have a new ThinkPad Twist. When I convert it to a tablet, the screen orientation seems to work fine but when I change it back to laptop mode, the orientation doesn't change automatically. Running System Update, there aren't any drivers to update. Is there something that I should look at in order to get the orientation to change correctly?


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Re: Twist and screen orientation

2012-11-14, 20:16 PM

Did you hit the button on the side of the screen by the power button to turn off auto-rotate?


You can use ctrl-alt-Up arrow as a key shortcut to change the orientation.


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Re: Twist and screen orientation

2012-11-16, 20:42 PM

No, that button was not hit.


I'd rather not do it manually since it is supposed to do it on its own. Plus, that key combination won't help much if it is in tablet mode.


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Re: Twist and screen orientation

2012-11-17, 18:15 PM

I have this same problem.  I have not locked the screen.  I have already downloaded the new driver to help with rotating the screen in tent mode.  That doesn't work either.  Neither do the ctrl alt arrow keys.  I'm SOL when it comes to using the laptop in any way except the laptop mode because if I do, I cannot get the screen to rotate back.  It'll rotate once, but not back again.  I have found one solution--pick the computer up by the screen and shake ever so slightly, but I hate doing that . . . probably not good for it.  It works though.  Does anyone have any suggestions.  Thanks.


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Re: Twist and screen orientation

2012-11-18, 20:58 PM

I have the same issue here. Man, every time I do something else on this maching it breaks. Battery life is terrible and now the autorotate is totally screwed up. When I have it in laptop mode it's autorotating to some other side! I tilted it sligthly, it autorotated the screen and then wouldn't go back! If I do crtl+alt+up it puts it back but when I open any application it autorotates back to what it thinks the orientation is! Come on! 


I really want to like this machine but man, battery life, tent mode not working, autorotate rotating to incorrect positions, I can't take it.


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Re: Twist and screen orientation

2012-11-20, 2:39 AM

I've worked with my Lenovo Twist for about 3 weeks now, and for the first 2 weeks, I was tearing my hair out regarding the rotation. It still is not good but I have decided to keep it and learning to live with it.


First, a Lenovo admin indicated that the power management driver should be updated:



Beyond that, I have gotten good at the Ctrl-Alt [Arrow Keys]; that's not everyone's cup of tea, but I use keyboard shortcuts a lot for many applications, and this is no different.  One can get very fast at flipping rotations.


But the key thing for me is-- I think the accelerometer which controls the rotation is in the body of the laptop, that is, the keyboard side.  I am not a technician, but when I consider that the accelerometer is in the body, it really helps in understanding.  It will never act like a tablet because of that very design.  In tablet mode, it rotates fine, because the keyboard body is even with the screen; they work in sync.  But in laptop mode, while the screen  is vertical, the body is horizontal.  So sometimes the screen will be upside down.  Especially if it's on your lap and the laptop body is tilted downwards.  So what I needed to do, if I didn't use the keyboard shortcuts, is to lift the body up until is is vertical  and the screen rotates to the right position, then turn off auto-rotate.  This is totally not intuitive like the tablet, I know.

To get to tent mode, I have to first get it into tablet mode where it acts intuitively and rotates to the right position, and then lock the rotation (turn off).  The I pull it apart slightly. Same goes for stand mode.  So if some manual nudging is not your cup of tea, there's no way around it that I see; return the thing to the store.


One of these days, designers will get it right by putting the accelerometer on the screen side (like tablets).  Lenovo says they are working on an update to the power management to accomodate this, but I never hold my breath for some promised vaporware. 


That's my experience so far.


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Re: Twist and screen orientation

2012-11-20, 3:48 AM
Yes, their def. needs to be a driver update, and fast. I cannot even get it into tent mode, or if I do, it's a fight to get it back to laptop orientation.
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Re: Twist and screen orientation

2012-11-21, 2:49 AM

lendance has given your answer. Install the new driver, it works for me.


I have another similar quesiton. When I connect to the external monitor, the rotation of my laptop doesn't  work. I want to change to the tent mode. But the screen doesn't rotate. 


The temperary solution is use windows screen resolution to change the rotation. But I hope that the rotaion works on my laptop, even when I connect to external monitor(s).


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Re: Twist and screen orientation

2012-12-01, 13:15 PM

This is driving me crazy also.  I have to play with it, then I lock the rotation.  Should not have to do this.  I do like the computer, but little issues like this will kill it when the new surface pro comes out.  I am actually thinking of taking it back. It has too many little flaws.  I have played with the yoga in bestbuy, but they are never in stock.  I am not sure if it is any better, but the Surface Pro coming in Januuary with 128 will be what I wait for if I take this back.  Very bummed as I really wanted this to be my new computer.


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Re: Twist and screen orientation

2012-12-01, 20:46 PM

It appears that updated drivers are available now....



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