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Lenovo Employee Jan_Lenovo
Lenovo Employee
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Re: Bad CPU Performance X380 Yoga

Dears, welcome to Lenovo Forum ! can you try install the following link driver for a trial to see issue can fix ? thank you
Punch Card
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Re: Bad CPU Performance X380 Yoga

Also check that 'Lenovo Intelligent Thermal Solution Driver' is installed.

Besides for Thunderbolt/USB-C docking issues please update the appropriate the onboard Thunderbolt firmware and alos update Thunderbolt driver to the latest version


If you would bypass admin request on connecting Thunderbolt devices, then remove installed TBT driver and reinstall MSI package with an additional parameter 'NONADMIN=1'. This will enable the standard user to grant Thunderbolt devcies access.


What's DOS?
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Re: Bad CPU Performance X380 Yoga

Are the throtteling problems fixed now? Or are you still having issues.
Paper Tape
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Re: Bad CPU Performance X380 Yoga

I am still having thi sissue.  Seems to be only when it is on the dock.  This is whether it is a thunderbolt dock or USB C Dock

Paper Tape
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Re: Bad CPU Performance X380 Yoga

Everything had been working pretty well with the "Extreme CPU performance" setting, but I'm now having problems again with BIOS Version 1.29. From the release notes:


Improve system performance when heavy loading.


It seems the PL1 Power Limit is now much more dynamic, i.e. it's constantly adjusting. Without doing much of anything it'll jump to as high as 20 W (which is higher than the previous max), but then drop almost immediately to as low as 5 W. End result is overall performance is much worse.


Has anyone else noticed this?


Edit: Looks like the "Extreme CPU performance" option has been removed from the BIOS.


Paper Tape
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Re: Bad CPU Performance X380 Yoga

Have you tried the new bios? My laptop is currently on v1.21 , do you think I should update it?

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