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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎11-19-2014
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Battery not detected or charged on Thinkpad Yoga 14... after firmware update

Get a messagebox saying "battery not detected" and it's not charging from mains. So laptop has now turned into a desktop... as needs plugging in continually... making it almost useless for purpose.


This happened exactly after firmware update a few weeks ago. By coincidence the management software also kindly informed me that it could manage the battery better and stop it wearing out by only charging up to 90% - fair enough, but don't treat me like a muppet and disable it without any way to get it back.


Tons of Windows 10 updates today (after not being able to use it for a few weeks) but still no battery. I tried F1 BIOS but nothing there to enable the battery (only to disable it).


This is frankly a joke - timing shows it's due to the firmware update because the battery was fine and lasted a couple of hours right before. In 25 years of countless laptops, have never had this problem - batteries weaken gradually but don't suddenly lock up and require a paid replacement suddenly.


How do we run down our original battery properly before polluting the planet?



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