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Blurred text on windows components on thinkpad yoga 8.1


The default font on the thinkpad yoga type 20C0 FHD is too small. Am I alone having this default setting?

When increasing text to 150% (Large), even some (but not all) windows components become blurred, and not only third party applications. Did this happened to you guys?

I searched for a solution with DPI settings disabled for each app, but it does not work that well, and I do not know how to disable dpi settings for windows popup windows. For instance, for fonts windows

-control panel is fine

-Even viewer blurred

-System Properties popup is blurred

Thanks for any solution that comes up, also if others experience this problem. Microsoft's response points at third parties, so this does not apply here. It is a bit disappointing for 2k€ latpop to have such basic problems, I wonder why lenovo did not use a larger font as a default before shipping, and why didn't they fix this issue.

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Re: Blurred text on windows components on thinkpad yoga 8.1

Did you ever find a solution. I have been having the same problem

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